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Thread: Northern Adventures of a "new to me" X-Maxx 8s

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Default Northern Adventures of a "new to me" X-Maxx 8s

So, after I got my SCX6, I realized how much fun the larger rigs are. And was spurred to possibly start my larger scale build back up. It's been sitting on a shelf, untouched for a couple years now.

I also purchased an Arrma Fireteam, with the thoughts of keeping it, or possibly selling it. I threw it up for sale just to see what would happen. Well, nothing happened for a few weeks, no interest at all.
Then someone asked if I would trade it for an almost new Traxxas Maxx V2. It looked super clean and I let them know I was interested in the trade, as long as they threw in some extra cash. Whether I made out in the deal or not, I am not sure.
They agreed and the trade was made

The fun part, is this guy came out to play as well. He brought out charged batteries for the Fireteam, as well as an Arrma Kraton 8s. Holy smokes, what a ripper that thing was!

We had a huge pile of snow in the middle of our circle from all the prior storms, that damn rig was insane. Him and his son were really cool, down to earth folks.

Good times!!!

My son has convinced me that he wants and will pay for the Maxx. We agreed on a price and when he gets it paid off, I will hand it over to him.
I worked it out that I am not losing money on the Fireteam purchase, but it negates me making money either. No real worry, it'll be fun to have the Maxx around the house.

I might be in trouble with the Wifey... With my son taking ownership of the Maxx, I needed something to rip around with him and it couldn't be something smaller. Dad HAS to have the bigger rig, just the way it is...

With all that being said...
I made a random bid on eBay for an X-Maxx 8s and truly figured I would have been out bid, but I was not and won. The seller listed it as free shipping and I also figured "No Way!!!" that was going to happen. Low and behold, it was shipped via UPS and they did not ask for another dime to help cover the shipping. He uses UPS for his business and gets a crazy low shipping cost.

I hope I get home before it shows up and I can try to hide the Giant Box...

After I won the auction, I noticed the left front shock was different. I'll do a teardown once I get home and see what kind of surprises lurk in the shadows.

To be continued...

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Default Re: Northern Adventures of a "new to me" X-Maxx 8s

Part Deux!!!

The above purchase was only half of the fun and part of what I have to figure out how to explain when I get home

40 minutes after I was notified that I won the merchandise, I had someone respond to my Craigslist Wanted ad. Well, this was one that he had not used for a long time, decided to sell it. While tearing it down, he noticed a few minor broken parts and also had just purchased a new body for it. He was going to fix it and then put it up for sale. Honestly, for the price he was going to ask, he would have sold it pretty quick.

I checked the price on all the parts and it was not bad. I threw him an offer for me to take the truck as is and I did not want the new body, he could just return it. He accepted my offer and I had a friend go grab it for me...

I placed an order for all the items that he said were broken, as well as a few extra bits for good measure. Most of the parts for this truck are surprisingly affordable. Don't get me wrong, there are a few pretty expensive parts and a
Once I get home, I will comb through the two rigs and build one up to sell and keep the other to bash around.
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Default Re: Northern Adventures of a "new to me" X-Maxx 8s

That is next on my wish list
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