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Industry 09-12-2019 02:50 PM

Cedar Rock Park Sept 29, 2019
Anyone wanting to come out and do some wheeling with us? We will be there 10am till whenever we want to go home (before dark). This is a great place to test all kinds of skills, and trucks. This is not a event, or competition. Just some people having a good time doing some crawling.
Cedar Rock Park
4242 R Dean Coleman Rd
Burlington, NC 27215

lowlife 09-28-2019 09:46 AM

Re: Cedar Rock Park Sept 29, 2019
My rig is down with a blown transmission but I’ll be there with my sons rig

Ragenwraith 09-28-2019 10:40 AM

Re: Cedar Rock Park Sept 29, 2019
Have you seen this yet: http://www.rcmap.io/?fbclid=IwAR2T3v...aIWFl97-X8Duew

This is just getting started for everyone to post up places to crawl.

Check it out!

lowlife 09-29-2019 02:01 PM

Re: Cedar Rock Park Sept 29, 2019
Did 7 1/4 miles. First time having been there. Was there from 11-2:30

SnowCampCrawler 09-30-2019 07:51 PM

Re: Cedar Rock Park Sept 29, 2019
I'm just getting into the hobby. I've got my scx 10 ii builders kit to assemble and get everything else installed and then I'll be ready to join y'all next time. I'm only 5 min from cedar rock

Industry 10-08-2019 12:58 PM

Re: Cedar Rock Park Sept 29, 2019
We will be there this Sunday 10/13 with 4-5 rigs. I would be willing to get there early and set up some gates if anyone is interested. SnowCampCrawler I live in Snowcamp off Stockered, let me know if you want to meet up and do some crawling. We will be building a indoor course in Burlington soon. Just gotta find the time.

Industry 10-12-2019 08:14 AM

Re: Cedar Rock Park Sept 29, 2019
Weather isn't looking good for tomorrow.

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