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Thread: Mounting post placement thoughts

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Default Mounting post placement thoughts

I am thinking of moving my post mounting setup to the top rather than sides. I am also interested in using only one post per front and rear and attaching it to the cross member section of my chassis so its centered. I know someone out there is selling nylon parts to do this without using a post and pins. Anyone have any setup ideas if I want to stick with normal posts and pins?
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I've got a set up on my Berg I like real well. Two posts up front and one post in the back. The rear post swings freely and lets the body move up and down. The body is slammed down as low as the chassis will allow. If the body hits anything,it can raise up nearly 2" if the obstacle will push it that far.

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Default Great idea

Thats a great idea, and something I can easily do with my FF4 axial. I would love to see how you set up the single post in the rear to the Chassis. I am thinking setting mine up on my crossbar but I am not exactly sure how I am going to accomplish this.
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The mounts you are talking about are Gunnar's Body Mounts. I just got two full sets for the bodies I have coming.

I have been using two body posts, on 1/4" cable clamps, on the cross members of my chassis for quite awhile......much better than having them on the sides. I just used one body post front and rear....the clips help keep the body level, but lets it rotate side to side, much like Reflection said.

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Top side is the way to go. You don't want the posts getting hung up trying to round an obstacle or squeezing through a tight spot.
I've had a chassis stay drilled through the top for a body mount and the tube cracked and broke in half, the cable clamp idea is good.
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