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robert3719 10-18-2011 07:30 PM

hard plastic f150
Ok. FIRST THING FIRST! please don't bite my head off for what I am about to ask. I have to use my phone for internet since I drive semi and my search button is messed up. It will not let me type. So anyhow I have a nikko f150 stepside. And need to extend to fit my dingo wheelbase. I saw a fyew people talk about styrene and fusing it together with another Cab but I don't have a spare. Do you think it would look ok if I was to try and make the ex cab from scratch and what do y'all recommend? Any suggestion and opinion would be appreciated. Ill post link to pics after I post this.

AsILayDying 10-18-2011 07:37 PM

Ok since you really are limited to internet resources can you upload a picture. If not Ill PM you my email so you can email one and I will post it for you so people can get a better idea of what you want to do.

Second, there are a lot of amazing people on here with some incredible skills with styrene. Im sure there will be someone who will be able to chime in. I myself just started messing with styrene. Seems like you would be able to design your own extended cab. Cut exactly at the bed then cut the back out of the cab, make some filler and bond away. ( I wish it was that easy)

Hope you can get some help on here.

ax10rtrmaster 10-18-2011 07:46 PM

i have a extra cab if your interested... lmk

robert3719 10-18-2011 07:48 PM

Mobile Photobucket. Mobile Photobucket. Mobile Photobucket. Mobile Photobucket. hope this helps with an idea. Again, thanks guys and gals

AsILayDying 10-18-2011 08:20 PM

Here this should help since you are away from a computer.


robert3719 10-18-2011 08:26 PM

Thanks for the help

robert3719 10-19-2011 12:00 PM

So after looking at the picture with no bed, I started to think it would make a cool looking flatbed. Maby a dually. ( short wheelbase reg cab). I have not seen one of those yet. :idea:

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