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AnimalHippie 11-22-2020 12:47 PM

Paint color help???
Hey guys, Iím working on a new Nukizer body for my trx-4 truggy. I'm going with some color change paint from spazstix. It's recommended you back it with a dark color. Black working the best.

That being said. I want to do some ghost graphics behind the color change and I'm looking for the darkest green and darkest grey in a spray can. I already tried Tamiya gun metal ps-23 and racing green ps-22 backed with gloss black. Both turned out too bright. Here's a pic of a demo piece.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Have a great day!!!!

Mike Flea 11-22-2020 05:32 PM

Re: Paint color help???
You'll want to do another test spray, but I've backed with Testor's enamel paint, but you could also use a Krylon or rust-o-leum enamel, and it will give you a broader range of colors. They won't peel as long as there is a PS paint against the lexan.

When you do your test again, let it dry & then flex the plastic to make sure it doesn't flake.

I sprayed a ProLine bug with the Tamiya PS-46 irridescent green and backed it with testor's flat black, and haven't had any problems with peeling.

58_Willys 11-23-2020 05:22 PM

Re: Paint color help???
Transparent green backed with that gun metal and black, should produce a dark metallic green. "thumbsup"

AnimalHippie 11-23-2020 07:46 PM

Re: Paint color help???
Thank you guys for the suggestions. I think I'm going to stop by Lowes and see what they have in that krylon fusion paint. I used it on the outside of my defender body. It held up good. The body would be sprayed with spazstix color change then my ghost graphics then spazstix gloss black. The graphics won't be more then a 2"3" area. I don't think I should have any worries about cracking. Thanks again! I'll be posting pics once the rig is all fresh!

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