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Thread: XV-01 used or XV-01TC pro

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Default XV-01 used or XV-01TC pro

Hi Guys.
I am new on this forum, but a big RC fan.
I allready have a XV-01PRO, witch i LOVE.
Now I want one more. The one I have, is perfect for Rally, but without the long dampers. I think is a great hight as it is.
I would like a TC model only for pavement.

Should I buy a used chep XV-01 standart model, and upgrade it with new springs, and carbon parts, or should i pay more and get the XV-01TC PRO model? The Pro, still needs new carbon part eventully and perhaps new shocks.

Extra question.

How do I lower the model I have now?
New shocks, or is it a setup mode i have not yet found?
I have no problem putting the thing together, but fine tuning it, that is the big trick for me.

I r(e)ally need your help guys.

Hopefully I end up with 2 models. One for gravel and dirt, and one with semi slicks, lowered and lots of power so i can burn some rubber when I fire it up.
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Default Re: XV-01 used or XV-01TC pro

Seriously guys......
Not a single reply!

I can't find the difference between the two so I just bought the used one.
Now I have one for tarmac and one for gravel.
It is a great car. Now I am just waiting for my motor kit to come home.
Should I go with Castle Creation sidewinder 3 or the mamba esc?
What size motor do you think? 5700 or 7700?
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Default Re: XV-01 used or XV-01TC pro

I have two xv-01's with the caste creations 5700kv motors and SV2's. Those are a little too much motor for the car, but I like it that way. If you want to go to 7700kv, look at Dr. Kustom's cars, he uses those and has a video on youtube of them. I couldn't imagine going any faster with this car. Mine tops out around 45 mph with 2s Lipos. I havent dared to try a bigger battery...maybe I should!
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Default Re: XV-01 used or XV-01TC pro

Right now I am running standard gearing with a 4000kv motor, wich is quite boring on 2s lipos. I will try 3s soon, but I would rather have the 4 pole motor from Castle.
I think I will keep it safe with the 5700kv motor.
I am not looking for a speed runner , but it shouldn't be borring to drive the car.
I really just want it to leave some tyres marks on the tarmac when I am accelerating just like Ken Block in Gymkhana.
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carbon parts, hop ups, lowering, xv-01, xv-01tc

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