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Thread: Bully Secrets " Classified "

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I wanna be Dave
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Default Bully Secrets " Classified "

This thread is not going to be a parts list or give you the run around. This is going to be striaght foward info. That you can use.

This is just focusing on the Axle themselves.

First things first. A lot of things that work on 2.2 Clods and 2.2 Bergs. Works on these. It would be a great idea to search those sections for ideas. They have a lot in common.

There are 3 2.2 Bully axles out. There is a hand full of the Prototypes out. They are CNC machine and the color is very close to the Bully2's. The 2nd is the Bully2's. They are a speical Cast blend that is very strong but Heavy. The 3rd is the CNC machine Bullys. They are Black and fully Machined. Just like the Prototypes are. Much lighter weight and just has strong.

Section One:
This first part will be basic facts. Sometimes the Basics are the best to get info from.

Bully2 (Cast) Front axle weight: 22.05oz
CNC Bully Front axle weight: 13.4oz
Bully2 (Cast) Rear axle weight: 18.95oz
CNC Bully Rear axle weight: 11.95oz

Different Combo's Weights
  • Cast Front and Rear Total Weight: 41oz or 2.6lbs
  • Cast Front and CNC Rear Total Weight: 34oz or 2.12lbs
  • CNC Front and Rear Total Weight: 25.35oz or 1.58lbs
  • Front CNC with Cast Tubes and Knuckles with CNC Rear Total Weight 28.48oz or 1.78lbs
Running a Cast front and CNC rear will save you 7oz and the weight would be focused on the front.

Running CNC front and Rear will save you a total of 15.65oz over the Cast axles. Almost a whole POUND.

Running a CNC Case with Cast Tubes and Knuckles on the front with a CNC Rear. You save 12.52oz

These Numbers are based off Rc4wd website.

Hex to Hex Width: 7.6in
Gear Ratio: 38.42:1

Whats nice about having two different Bully axles?

You can mix and match parts....

Different Combo's to help reach your Goal.

Set up: Cast Front/Cast Rear
Reason: Most common set up. Due to Kits and Price. But still a very strong and competitive package. Best Bang for the Buck. Rigs will run in the 7-8lbs range.

Set up: Machine Front/Machine Rear
Reason: Looking for that ultra light set up. Rigs will run in the 5-7lbs range.

Set up: Cast front axles/Machined Rear axle
Reason: Thought behind this is to run no wheel weights or close to it, On the front. The extra weight of the Cast front axle provides the weight.

Set up: Machine Gear box, Cast Tubes and Knuckles Front/ Machine Rear
Reason: 90% of the Gear Case itself is above the axle line. Using the Machine vs. the Cast lowers your Center of Gravity. Yet the Cast Tubes and Knuckles. Gives extra weight on the front without stressing the XVD's and motor.

Section Two: The Steering

Due to the Larger Gear boxs and narrow axles on a MOA. The tires quickly get into Links and Shocks. There is not much we can do about that and run a 4 link set up. But here is a few little Tips to help out.
  • Running narrower tires and or Wheels
  • Shaving the sidewall tread off
  • Making sure if the tire does rub. It only rubs on a smooth surface
  • Change to a Wheel with an Offset to give a wider track width

XVD Mod #1:

XVD Mod #2

Bully Steering Thread

Why you should run Narrow Wheels

Servo Mount and High Clearance Steering Arm

53 Willys Steering Mod and Set up. Half way down on Page.

Section Three:

Dealing with the weight. There is a few ways to deal with the extra weight you get with the Bullys Bullet proof design.

First link is from 53Willys. Here you will see how he Shaved his axle tubes down. To reduce weight and gain ground clearance.

Bully axle Shave

Gear Case Shave

Delrin Rear Tubes

More to Come.....

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Quarry Creeper
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Not sure if you want anyone to post here but I wanna say 'Thanks for taking the time to get this lot together'. One small tip I read about is the Perspex gear/pinion cover - ditch it and use a piece of lexan, it gives a lot more clearance for the lower link. I can't find the thread now.
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I wanna be Dave
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Just updated this.

I added Combine weights in Oz and lbs for the different Axle Combos.
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I wanna be Dave
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thank you!!
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I wanna be Dave
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Just updated it with a few more links...
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Default Re: Bully Secrets " Classified "

I see the use of Bully2 but am I wrong in thinking all of this info is about the v1 bully axles? I thought the Bully 2 axles were a lot lighter than this?
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Bully Secrets " Classified "

You are correct, this thread is for the original Bully axles. Check out the Bully Bible sticky thread by Erik D_Lux, that one is for the Bully2 axles.
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