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Thread: Bully 2 on the cheap

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Default Bully 2 on the cheap

Hello community. I'm about to pull the trigger on a bully 2 kit and I'm trying to keep it around the $600 mark which is about what the rtr runs. It will also get upgraded in the future when necessary. So I'm hoping to get some suggestions on some parts. I'm also not opposed to spending more if needed but I'm really hoping to avoid that.

My intended use of this build is to go on 6-10 mile hikes. I know that isn't really the intended use but I'm hoping the gears/axles will hold up under prolonged use. I'm also not concerned with the notion that a scale truck will be more fun. I'll be hitting plenty of logs, streams, embankments, and ravines along the way. Plus, these hikes are going to be just as much about getting exercise than trailing and I'm wanting an RC that will crush the terrian when we want to move alittle quicker.

Ok, with that out of the way, here are the usual questions...

1. Motors. I'm thinking Holmes hobby trailmaster. Roughly $25 a piece.

2. Radio. This is probably where I need the most help. I have a hacked gt3c that has worked fine for me but I'm not thrilled about the interface, it's just hard to navigate. Somehow I managed to get an original Bully programmed and it will stay with that rig. I'm hoping to step up in quality or at least stay about the same without the hacking and get something programmable from the factory. At first I'll be running a hobbywing1080 with the dig but eventually I'll run 2 ECSs so I'm wanting something with mixing, etc.

3. Servo. Any advice here would help too. Only requirement here is I want it waterproof as I can't resist water! I'm like a moth to flame with an RC... I picked up a JX CLS5830HV for my Bully on black Friday for $30. It works but I have only maybe 3 hrs on it so can't say it's good or not. I also have a Sanwa ERS-XT in a Tekno MT410 that has done me good but that is $90. I might just move it to the Bully 2 and get something on the cheap for my Tekno. Opinions?

4. ESC. Here I've pretty much decided on a Hobbywing 1080. I've got one in a Bully and one in a RS10. Good and cheap. Win-win. Again, in the future I'll be running dual ESCs. Either a pair of these or a Holmes hobby set up.

So there it is, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is it possible to stay around $600? Can a Bully 2 hold up under prolonged use? Am I going overkill on something to hike with? Help me out. Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Bully 2 on the cheap

With that kind of use, I would definately go and get a scale rig. MOA's are not for fast hiking kind of driving. You'll propably enjoy scale way more to that use.
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Default Re: Bully 2 on the cheap

I would recomend a 2.2 rig like the bomber for that kind of use. From what I hear the moa rigs aren't for speeding around like with trailing.

That being said I converted my bomber to have Bully2 axles and I have only broken the front stock cvd/dog bones. The screws on the axles losten up fairly often even with blue locktite for me. But for an 11lb bully it seems to take what I throw at it so, trailing with a bully is possible, obviously. No problems with the gears or heat.

Another thing people use tiny batteries on moa rigs. So the range isn't great. Not shure how it will perform with bigger heavier batteries as it raises the center of gravity. Or carry more batteries around.
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Default Re: Bully 2 on the cheap

Motor, Make sure you get the 540 trailmaster, the 550 is too big.
Transmitter, the spektrum dx5 pro works great. Don't get the dx5c. Don't know about the DX5 rugged, the older dx5r works too.
Servo: I never pay less then $120 for my servos and I'm never disappointed. There might be an acceptable promodeler for $80.

Esc: if you don't already hav a dig, just get 2 1080's at $40 don't pay to make the dig work.

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Default Re: Bully 2 on the cheap

Your issue will be a large enough battery and the space to fit it. I run 850mah 3s, thru a Holmes BRMD and a castle 10a bec for the servo. 15 to 18 minutes on a battery is all I get.
With the stock chassis and shocks i can imagine where a 2200 or 3000 mah battery would fit
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