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Thread: Help Setup Gear Shift Servo Please!!

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I wanna be Dave
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Angry Help Setup Gear Shift Servo Please!!

Ok I was tinkering with the gear servo for over an hour last night. I'm using a brand new Hitec 645MG coupled to CH3 on my Futaba 4PL radio system.

This is what I did after making sure the shift linkage was the correct length:

1. Install servo without attaching the horn so that I could center it. Once centered I slid my 3 position switch to the back position to start setting EPA.

2. Once centered I attached the horn which already was attached to the shift linkage and collar to the shift rod on the tranny. At this point since the servo was centered, I pulled the shift rod on the tranny all the way back to make sure it lined up as this position means I am in low gear (right?).

3. Once lined up with the horn screwed into the spline and the shift rod pulled all the way back I went to the CH3 menu screen on the 4PL and adjusted the Subtrim to make sure the horn and linkage were snug.

4. Now that low gear was set for the back position on my 3rd channel I then slid the switch to the top position to set the EPA for the high gear.

5. Basically repeated the same steps as setting up the linkage adjustments as I did previously but set everything opposite since the servo was pushing the shift rod in to catch the high gear.

6. Once I got the high gear EPA setting done, I slid the switch backward to low gear but for some reason this "POSI: 100D" thing pops up in the CH3 menu. When I reduce it the servo would stop whining and it will hold the correct position.

7. Now trying high gear after failing on setting up low gear correctly it works fine!! The CH3 menu now says "POSI: 100U" and I hear the servo whining just not as loud.

I have to back down the setting on this "POSI" thing every time for the servo to stop overworking itself. I can't find anywhere in the menu what POSI is or how to adjust it and save the setting. EPA-U and EPA-D settings are saved all the time....just don't know about why "POSI" isn't saving.

Sorry for the long post...this is the first time I ever used or setup multi position switches on radios!
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Rock Crawler
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Default Re: Help Setup Gear Shift Servo Please!!

I have a feeling its the 3 position switch causing problems. Others have reported issues with using a 3 position switch. I am using a 2 position switch ( GT3B ) with out any problems. Sorry I couldn't be of any help.

FlySky FS-GT3B Digital 3ch 2.4ghz TX & RX LCD Transmitter & Receiver
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Help Setup Gear Shift Servo Please!!

I got it working now high gear which is up position is quiet the servo doesn't hum at all. Neutral position on the switch there is no hum on the servo either and the shift rod is not fully contacting a gear. Back position the servo hooks onto the low gear fine but there's a slight humming.

This is strange as if in up position there isn't a hum then why does it hum in down position?
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Old 07-20-2012, 10:24 PM   #4
I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Help Setup Gear Shift Servo Please!!

Why not set it as a 2 position? Make sure you are driving while you are shifting so that the gear will engage properly.
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Default Re: Help Setup Gear Shift Servo Please!!

I had mine on the 3pos and it was a lil confusing which way to work the switch to shift. Now its on the 2pos and love it just way too simple It's like an on off switch. 2pos is the way to go on the shift servo
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