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Thread: Screws stripping on wheel?

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Default Screws stripping on wheel?

Hello all,

I have replaced my tires (to white rovers) on my RS10 - and I was happy to see that on the first 3 wheels none of the screws got stripped. But on the last one ALL OF THEM did (both inside and outside)!!!

Has this happened to anyone else? Will this cause (big) problems? I have installed it - as the beadlock rings are not falling off, but it is not really tight due to none of the screws really holding it tight.

I thought about buying somewhere just 1 wheel - is that recommended? Is anyone selling the Redcat wheels individually (I am in Canada - and they are costly to to their weight to ship, so I prefer to buy only one)

Thanks for your advice...

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The thread on the wheel is stripped? sounds like its been over tightened. My rs10 never had any of the wheels strip out and i changed tires all the time.
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i had about 3 strip before i even changed tires. they worked loose and u could see them backed out. that number atleast doubled when i changed the tires. plastic wheels whatcha gonna do? put some loctite on them and that should hold. a more risky move would be to glue anchors in the holes (after drilling them out) but you gotta be exact otherwise beadlocks wont line up. i would not suggest this though but it is a possibility. thinking loctite is your best best. there is different strengths....in different colors.....i would use blue or red.
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Another option would be to buy some hex screws in a slightly bigger diameter and threading them in. It would re-thread the holes and get more life out of your wheels. Only issue is you might have to enlarge the holes in the beadlock rings themselves.
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when my beadlock screw holes strip I assemble them completly, and take the stripped one out (so all the other screws hold the bead, and you dont have to fight it at all) and I put CA thin (tire glue) on the screw threads and thread it in. you could use loctight too like has been said,

no I havn't had issues with taking them appart after crazy glueing the threads in.... don't use a lot of glue.
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