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Timp138 04-04-2011 09:10 PM

My RS10-XT Build Log
What's up everyone? I've had my Redcat for a while now and after some initial problems it is slowly evolving into what I think is a great little rig. I'll be upgrading it here and there as time/money allow and figured I'd start a thread to show what I'm doing for anyone that may be interested. I started with mods to remedy some of the issues that seem to be the norm with these. I had a servo go out on the first run so I locked out the rear steer. Then the radio started glitching so I switched to a 2ch radio that I had from my earlier days in RC. With that setup I got a few more runs in before I realized that the stock servo was too weak and the tires just plain sucked. I promptly ordered up a Mayhem servo and BEC from RC4WD and a set of Losi Rock Claws from my LHS. That increased the performance greatly, especially the tires which actually hook up. I was honestly a little let down by the power of the Mayhem servo but can't really complain for the price. If I know me I'll move up again before too long anyway.

My next complaint was the steering setup. I broke two servo arms, one about 5 seconds into a run when I didn't have anything with me to fix it. So, I sat down last night and looked at doing the "high steer" mod but I figured out that I could convert to BTA very easily using almost all stock parts. The only thing not stock is one rod end(not actually necessary either) and a few washers. Clearances are close in some places but nothing hits and everything moves smoothly. I'm going to get some more runtime on it as is and once I get any bugs that I come across worked out I will be making parts for a cleaner/stronger setup. Here are a couple of pics of the BTA steering. Next up is a new body, reworked rear steer lockout and more...


grave 1 04-06-2011 04:52 AM

i have a rs8 i love but you know more than me because i can't find any hope up for it except for i built a 51 chev. panel body for it but love it seam perfict for my abiltey.

tom80 04-06-2011 08:55 PM

looks good! I did the bta but I found to much flex in the steering knuckles. Keep up the good work.

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