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Thread: Bringing RSexy Back

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Default Bringing RSexy Back

I think its time to pull out the rs10 i bought as a beater toy and make it into a nicer crawler. I bought this thing almost 2 years ago and ended up using it wayyyyyyy more then i ever expected. but after a few month it got boxed up and sat for a while. probably because this was taking up all my time

Now that its about to start raining (hopefully) i need a little project.

this is basically the only RC car i have ever own so i would like some feedback on my plans if you don't mind.

Heres my starting point. An older, semi thrashed rs10 posing for some pics

I am taking a risk and purchased two of these (sticking with rear steer unless someone can recommend a good esc dig combo for cheapish) if they dont work out, ill go with crawford servos (not positive that that is the name, but something close)
Solar Servo D772 High Voltage 0.17sec@7.4v 64g Digital Metal Gear
i need to find some 23t servo horns

I'm about to order a bunch more stuff and i was hopeing for some feedback . i have a whole shopping cart almost ready to check out from zno-rc.
First off i was thinking i would go with some white rovers. crucial.
Then new spur gear assembly's, with aluminium plates and hardened pins.

Then the ax10 steering knuckles if you guys feel that they are necessary but i don't know if they will really change much.

i figure i will make a chassis,links, ect.

electronics.... i dont even know where i should start. i want some more wheel speed and a lot more torque but i dont know what to buy to achieve that. i need to do a lot more research so i can get a solid esc, motors, and bec(probably castle creations bec). i would like to keep it pretty simple. small components look clean but $$$ is going to be the real decision maker.

Well i will come back to electronics. basically some feedback on the items i am getting would be awesome and feel free to add anything that i might want from zno that i didnt find on my own. much appreciated!
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Default Re: Bringing RSexy Back

Sounds like your headed in the right direction. And the stats on those servos sound pretty damn good too! I really like my crawfords, but I did kill one.

As for wheelspeed and torque, most guys find (with a few exceptions) That the best thing to do is go with the 540 conversion. It really opens up your options. Stock electronics and $10, 45t, 540's give phenominal torque. Wheel speed didn't change much though. I'd suggest some better motors in a 35t, OR, just stick a 3s lipo up it's ass and let'er rip!
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Default Re: Bringing RSexy Back

Electronics can get really pricey, really fast. A cheaper option you could go for is one of the Axial AE-2 ESC's. It's a good budget ESC, has a 2s lipo cutoff, can be programmed by a castle link (you'll need a castle link anyway if you buy the castle creations BEC), and can usually be found for less than $50. If you ever plan to use 3s lipos, you might want to consider an ESC that has a 3s cutoff and is rated to handle the voltage. Plenty of ESC's can handle the voltage just fine (even the stock ESC for some guys), but there's always that chance of messing up a nice, new ESC with that much voltage.

In terms of more wheelspeed and torque...as it was said before, consider 540's for more options. 35-45t motors would be a good mix of speed/torque with 35's being faster.
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Old 01-11-2012, 09:56 AM   #4
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Default Re: Bringing RSexy Back

Thanks guys. It sounds like 540s might be the only solution. I really didnt want that to be the case. 540s seem to be so crammed

Jackalope: We will see how the servos do. Specs seem almost too good for the price. I can't find anyone running them so i will be a test subject.

Jsowens: that ae2 seems pretty decent. I dont really plan on going lipo but that means it will probably happen so think i should go with something with no cutoff and replace it down the road or 3s compatible. Preferably the second option.

I just need some time to do some research. Hopefullly i will order stuff tonight
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Default Re: Bringing RSexy Back

Already Friday and still no gifts on my doorstep.
i didnt order an esc or any additional electrical idems yet. I'm going to spend that money to go lipo.... hopefully i will see smoke soon ans then i get to have a great excuse to but new stuff.
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