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Thread: Team3six Winch Line Test - Test Line B

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Default Team3six Winch Line Test - Test Line B

Norm sent me a couple of different winch lines to test for him. I received 10ft of each.

Test Line B dimensions:
.030” or .75mm

I installed in on my SCX-10 based Unimog. It weighs 7lbs 4ozs. The winch that I am using is a converted Hitec HS-645MG.

I shot some video footage of a few different winch pulls. My video is missing dead lift. I will post reshoot that and repost it this afternoon.

Please excuse the D@MN basset hound barking in the background.

The installation was pretty straightforward on this line, as well. A standard fishing knot was easy to tie and it held well, unlike other cable like lines. Test B held it's ground on my tests. It did everything that I asked for. The line was a little bit larger than Test A. 90% of the pulls on the video were off throttle. This made the winch and the line work harder, even on the simple pulls. This line sounded stronger than the first on the pulls. I didn’t hear the “tinking” sound as much. This could be a difference in the line materials. I did all the exact same pulls as Test A. The last pull in the video (up and over the tree root), I did have a knot failure on the hook. This was my fault and not the line’s. The video cut out about 5 seconds before the failure. Missed the great valiant tumble down the hill into the water. I reshot the video from the point of failure on but I guess I didn’t hit the record button….DOH! I will reshoot that one pull this afternoon and post it. This line did take some damage, just like Test A. It wasn’t as bad. Extended use of the winch line rubbing on rocks on tree roots could soon lead to failure, but what wouldn't. Overall I would pick Test B over Test A any day. Line Strength wasn’t an issue for any of my tests. I mainly like a little larger sized line.

Thank you, Norm, for letting me test this for you. I had fun doing it. Glad my results were spot on with everyone else’s.

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