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Thread: My Raft and Lantern...

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Default My Raft and Lantern...

Well, I bought one of those action figure sets at Walmart that came with a raft and some other accessories like a lantern, fishing pole, and some other stuff.

I mainly wanted the raft. Although it looked a little bit too small to me for a two man raft as far as scale goes, I decided that I would go with it anyways and have it be one of those one person fishing rafts.

This is how it started out:

I liked the overall design, but thought that it wasn't very real looking with it being one solid color and having the thick plastic yellow "rope."

So I did a bit of work on it tonight.

First up I went with some real "rope" to replace the yellow plastic stuff. I let the wife pick the color, and she thought that green rope would look good on an orange boat, so I went with that.

Next, I added some real wood floor and a real wood bench for the fisherman to sit on.

The rope is glued through the rope guides and the wood is all actually stained very lightly to add some color to it.

I also changed the colors of the paddles around a little bit, and I also added a hook to the front on the rope for the raft to be moored with.

Final result is right here:

What do you guys think??

Next, I took the lantern that came with the kit which was pretty much all green and did some work to it.

I painted the part where the light would be with this strange blueish silver color that I found at JoAnn. I thought it would look pretty good for "glass." Then I painted some of the other parts black, including the cage around the glass for the light.

Here's how it turned out:

I'm going to hang it from the cage on the back of the Honcho with some chain and a hook that I've got wrapped around the outer tubes.

These were my first two attempts at customizing some toys or parts that I had found in the store. I think they turned out pretty well!!

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Default Re: My Raft and Lantern...

Looks good I like it. The rope and colors really add to it. Good job. Need some pics on the truck now.
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Default Re: My Raft and Lantern...

Thanks Rivas.

I will try to get some pictures of it tomorrow during the day, if I get a chance.

I really like how the light fits on the chain. Looks great.

I've tried a few different things with the raft and found one configuration that I like quite a bit, so I think I'll mount it like that for now.
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Default Re: My Raft and Lantern...

Looks great man! Where will the raft go?
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Default Re: My Raft and Lantern...

Originally Posted by dont slow down View Post
Looks great man! Where will the raft go?

I've just copied and pasted this message from another thread on another site, but it's got some pictures with it, so here you go!!

Hey guys.

I've got a few more accessories on my Honcho, now.

Here's a good one of my raft.

In this one, on the closest side of the roof rack you can see this little cooler thing that I am going to be modifying a bit. I'll be painting it up a bit, and it's going to actually be a first aid kit when I'm done.

In this one, you can see on the close side of the roof rack the fire log bundle. It's glued together and wrapped with "rope" to add to the realism. Looks fantastic.

Here's another good view of the raft, and you can also see my lantern in this one. It's mounted right behind the cab. It hangs from the chains that are wrapped around the cage.

And finally, a close up of my coonskin antenna. Looks amazing, and is actually functional with the spring built into it. When it gets bent one way, it just springs back to it's normal location!! Awesome!!

I've got some more ideas, too, so I'm definitely not done.
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Default Re: My Raft and Lantern...

The coon skin antenna is very original. What did u use to make it next time I'm in wallyworld I'll have to look for a raft. Very nice I'm a scale acc freak
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Default Re: My Raft and Lantern...

I'm also wondering what you used for the antenna what kind of wire etc
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