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Thread: Mad Torque, real world challenge 1

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Default Mad Torque, real world challenge 1

I got my crawler not just to crawl up a rock pile, but to travel longer distances when hiking/camping. I like to drive it out in the real world, so this is how it went today. The selected place was one of the peaks at Thunderbird Park in NW Phoenix. Here is a blurry pic while I was driving to one of the peaks:

Once parked this is a better shot of what we’ll attempt to climb with an almost stock Mad Torque (5000Mah 2C lipo, alarm, cut foams, skidplate, suspension tuning)

This is the start of the trail with my 5 year old daughter driving. Very easy and wide, lot of people there because this is a common start to a trail network in the park, some people prefer not to climb up to the peaks but walk on the level trails. The terrain is a bit misleading at times, one of the ladies in the pic hit the ground and was on all fours about 40 sec. later after the pic was taken…

One of the pit stops… my kid needed them, not the crawler. Chocolate covered pretzels and water! My modded cut foams are working very well and grabbing the rocks, a bit bouncy at times, might drill air relief holes in the rims.

A bit higher now, a bit over ¾ of the way up. My skidplate mod is working great, I occasionally hear the ching! ching! Of rocks against metal:

Made it to the top! Another pit stop, some European folks that started almost at the same time were amazed the crawler made it to the top (not to mention all the kids and dads we met on the trail)… I told them “yeah and now it will make it back down”

Part of the descent, an old folk going up with his dog joked with his wife: ”see? You can drive motorized vehicles on the trail!” I also jokingly fired back: “yeah! Good thing is I don’t have to clean poop behind it!”

After chatting for a bit with a guy that was really interested in the crawler, we made it back to the starting point. Climbed a couple big rocks lining the street and back at the car I checked my 25C 5000Mah lipo, the lipo alarm was still showing 3.87v. per cell, perfectly balanced. Didn’t even need to take the spare out of my backpack. All in all was probably close to 2 miles and 1 Hr. of driving. Still with stock plastic knuckles and stock servo…

Getting ready for an even better and tougher challenge.. a 4.2 mile loop I’ve hiked before and part of the reason why I got a 1/8, not sure if a 1/10 would make it. We’ll see…
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