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Thread: Stick control schemes

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Default Stick control schemes

Hi Everyone,

I have an MOA with Dual ESCs and 4WS. I decided to go with dual sticks and a 4 channel setup because of the level of fine control it allows. This is my first time doing such a thing.

Here's my issue:

Because it made the most logical sense to me, I started off by going with the following scheme:
 Front Servo		 Rear Servo
 Front ESC		 Rear ESC
... Initially I found that the steering felt a somewhat backwards (I guess because I am used to turning the wheel with my right hand to control the front steering on my X-Maxx), but I stuck with it for a week or so. Today I found that I was still mixing up the throttle channels, resulting in disaster on the rocks. Perhaps unwisely, I decided to reverse things as follows:
 Rear Servo		 Front Servo
 Rear ESC		 Front ESC
... This made my brain happy as far as throttle goes, but I guess I had trained myself (formed the neural pathways?) by this point to like the steering as it was originally. My brain was starting to feel the stress. I then tried this insanity for about fifteen minutes:
 Rear Servo		 Front Servo
 Front ESC		 Rear ESC
... The idea (I guess) being that steering is "supposed" to be done with the right stick on a standard 2 channel setup. My brain was indeed happy with the steering and throttle for a little while, at least tooling around on the living room floor, but it was just too weird when I got on the rocks. Stress fractures began forming on my cerebellum. I then went with this idea:
 Rear Servo (REVERSED)	 Front Servo (REVERSED)
 Rear ESC		 Front ESC
... Again this makes the brain happy on flat surfaces, but once again is too weird on the rocks. At this point there are clear fissures across my cerebellum and my frontal lobes are starting to overheat.
I am now back to running this:
 Rear Servo		 Front Servo
 Rear ESC		 Front ESC
... And I can't decide if I like it better than the original setup. My gut tells me I should stick with this because I initially found the original setup's steering backwards and I just need to untrain myself. There is smoke coming out of my eyeballs, my ears, and my ass; I now have permanent brain damage.

I guess my question is, how do YOU control your MOA 4WS crawler?

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Default Re: Stick control schemes

I have a Frsky Taranis QX7s that I use to fly sailplanes. I was considering this myself and thought it might be most natural to have a mix for the throttle on the left stick. Fore and aft movement of the throttle stick could proportionally control how much throttle each axle gets. While actual overall throttle input (forward/reverse) could be controlled by the sprung right stick.

For example, with the left stick centered throttle would apply equally to both front and rear axles (4WD). Stick forward and the mix applies throttle more to the front axle and less to the rear. Move stick rearward and it applies more throttle to the rear and less to the front. Max stick movement, forward or rearward, results in a 100/0 or 0/100 condition. The right stick moved forward or rearward from its centered and sprung position applies forward or rearward throttle in either direction. The mix on the left stick decides which axle or combination of both to apply throttle.

Left stick:
Rear steering on (Rudder/yaw) left right stick movement
Throttle mix to forward/rear axles, forward and rearward stick movement

Right stick:
Front steer on (aileron/roll) left right stick movement
Throttle control Forward and Reverse with forward and rearward stick movement.

What would be nice about this is, full control can apply on the fly at anytime without having to push a button. So if you're hanging on the hairy edge, you don't have to stop and change hand positions to push a button risking losing traction. Having said that, I have yet to try it. I hope to let you know how it works out. I'm also considering going with a throttle trigger and steering wheel transmitter but it seems the mixes and radios are still quite limited for crawler applications. I might pick up an old MT4 to try as it has a lever at the thumb. Others available today w that feature are very expensive!

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