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pourMoneyIntoSea 01-15-2018 09:41 PM

some thoughts about bruiser

step 10 on page 8 suggests mounting the front axle with 5 degree inclination. i don't understand the reason behind this. doing so would make the two universal joints between gearbox and front axle bending with different angles which causes non-constant angular velocity in front wheels.

i mounted the front axle with 0 degree inclination. it not only eliminates vibration of front drive shaft but also introduces 5 degree caster to the front wheels.


i found the radius arm at step 11 on page 9 not so useful so i didn't install it.


the truck has bump steer problem due to its suspension structure. it is not so easy to define "neutrality" of steering for this truck. if the front wheels are heading front at stationary they will turn slightly left during acceleration as the front portion rises.


Ilovecrawling12 10-15-2018 02:38 PM

Re: some thoughts about bruiser
Yup..... isnít it great?

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