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JBinFla 06-13-2019 07:06 PM

Ordered the P407 kit, what parts do I need?
I bought the kit and know I'll need to buy some stuff. I'm looking for recommendations on any of the below (and anything I may be missing).

Motor (prefer brushless, doesn't need to be best of best)
ESC for motor
Battery? I prefer LiPo, I gather 2S 5200mah will work. BEC would be nice (not sure if that's still an optional thing)
Steering / Shifting servos? Is shifting micro or standard?

I plan to use DX9 stick transmitter and 8ch receiver for control. Also going with the light kit.

Anything I'm missing? Links to where to get your recommended things would help too. I'd love to get everything I need ready for when the kit shows up. Thanks!

87lc2 06-16-2019 09:59 PM

Re: Ordered the P407 kit, what parts do I need?
I run the stock motor with a Hobbywing 1080 ESC. Both servos are standard size, I use the DS3218 for both and have relocated the steering servo to the front of the truck. I run whatever Lipo I have running around and use a Futaba 4PLS transmitter for the truck.

I've only run the truck a couple times, not really a fan of it. It's not very capable (neither was the Bruiser), and the quality of the HG truck is nowhere near Tamiya. I actually replaced a bunch of parts with Tamiya originals already. I put a ton of time into the body and will most likely just end up putting it on a shelf to look at. Happy I bought it as I never would have gotten an original Bruiser, but with the trucks we have available today I don't see running this truck often, if ever.

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