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Thread: How to improve my crawler

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Default How to improve my crawler

My crawler unveiled.
Suggestions on how to improve it are welcome

Tlt axles.
Slider emaxx
Mamba max
Crawlmaster brushless motor
Hot bodies metal shocks in front, traxxas behind.
Half drop with hand cutted springs
Self made chassis
Hand made links from 1/4" aluminum rod
Moab tyres on Stampede wheels.
5$ radio.
3s Lipo battery
Blackfoot wideners
R2 derived transmission

I planned it in order to have a short and narrow belly, so fixed the wheelbase I could have long links.
There is no space to have the motor lay down, so I realized a modified R2 tranny with the motor an hair above the output shaft.
I wanted great triangulation, but perhaps I exaggereated a bit, expecially on the upper ones. At the chassis side they are too much out of it and sometimes they hangs against the rocks.
I'm thinking to try a 3 link setup, so I can put a plate on the uppers (as an Axial option part suggests) and put esc and radio on it.
The battery is mounted too high but I have no idea how I can relocate the servo. The battery is so large it cannot be mounted side by side with the servo, also if the servo is rotated on its shortes side. Any suggestions ? Don't want to change my new many $$ lipo battery !

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Default improvements

Well one thing you could do is extend your wheelbase to 12.5 in. unless it is already but it doesnt look like it.
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Old 06-16-2008, 01:44 PM   #3
Y-Town Crawlers
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Get a set of Losi claws on there, and it will make a huge difference.

Another easy/free mod would be to shave that little lip off the bottom of the axle housings. It doesn't look like much, but it makes a world of difference in how they slide over the rocks
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Old 06-17-2008, 01:08 AM   #4
Quarry Creeper
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The weelbase is an hair less than 12.5", so it is not worth to rebuild the links for gaining only few mm.
About the tires: lots of people use the Losi rock claw but it seems to me it more a matter of fad than a real perfomance difference. I like how my moabs perform and I had never tryed the losi but from what I hear the losi are superior only on certain kinds of terreins. Am I wrong ?
And what about the new hammer m2 from Proline ? Are they the Proline answer to Rock crawl ?

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Bent links
Stronger servo
Shave the lip off of the bottom of the axles

Get this:


Then you can mount your battery next to the servo
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