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Tommy R 05-17-2015 04:56 PM

Help Identifying TLT Axle Stash of Goodies
Hey y'all, a few years ago I was accumulating a bunch of TLT axle bits in order to build a rig that now looks like it won't happen. And with what looks like a big medical expense coming up, I'm thinking of selling this stuff, but before I do I want to make sure I'm properly identifying it all. Can y'all lend a hand with that?

Below are three stock axles as far as I can tell. Are the fronts/rears the same? Behind them are what I believe are a Dinky RC rear truss and an RCP rear truss.

Below are three more axles. Best I can tell it's another stock one and two that have maybe been modified for rear lockouts? Can anyone please confirm?

Here's a bunch of axle outers. The four shortest are all the same length and I believe one pair is stainless. The four longers are all the same length, but the longer black ones have two holes for pins.

Lastly, I have two pairs of steering arms. One is labeled "TOPCAD", but I think the other may be RC4WD? The C's look to be from RCP. The lockouts, best I can tell, look to be RC4WD or maybe older RCP units?

Anyway, if anyone here could help me positively ID these items, I sure would appreciate it! I just want to advertise it accurately before I put it all up for sale.

Thanks in advance!

EeePee 05-17-2015 05:18 PM

Re: Help Identifying TLT Axle Stash of Goodies
Yes, front and rears are the same.

The other axles might be shaved for either lockouts or axle Cs. My guess is the one with the big plate had Cs on it, and 2/3A batteries stuck to the velcro. The other had rear lockouts.

Might be stock TLTs, TG10 fronts and the long grey one is a Blackfoot, and the black ones resemble Associated 3/16" outers modified at the cup and I would guess the other pin hole was done by the same person.

Tommy R 05-17-2015 05:21 PM

Re: Help Identifying TLT Axle Stash of Goodies
Thanks, man! That helps a lot!

cartronicshn 07-17-2015 11:56 AM

Re: Help Identifying TLT Axle Stash of Goodies
Hey EeePee wanna know how i know you are old....:ror:

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