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Thread: The Jugg has evolved yet again

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Default The Jugg has evolved yet again

I ran a torsion setup on my Jugg for a couple of seasons, but last year I gave up on the super class after having to many electrical and mechanical issues with it. The electrical issues stemmed from the two quarter scale servos drawing to much power. The dig setup in the rear axle gave me nothing but problems, as the gears wore down very quickly and would pop frequently.

After our first comp of the season, I decided it was time to see what I could do with the old Jugg axles. So I cut some new 1/4 scale servo mounts and upper link mounts out of delrin.

I first wanted to make a TVP chassis, but the belly pan either needed to be very wide or angled in order to run the links how I wanted. So I ended up bending a steel belly pan.

I bolted TLT axle stays to the cases. All I had to do was drill some hole in the cases, and drop some m3 nuts inside of the cases. I had to line the nuts up once the cases were bolted together, but it worked pretty well. I was going to make some steel plates that were tapped, but I don't think I need to.

Running Axial shocks in the back, HPI shock was used in this mockup. For clearance reasons I had to run the longer TLT axle stays. I would rather have this same shock mounting setup on the front axle as well, but with the BTA there is no room for it.

Flex test before finishing the tube work.

The rear end was sitting to high in this mockup. I ended up installing internal limiters on the rear shocks to level the truck out.

With everything finally mocked up, I found out the front nose piece was to long. When flexing the suspension, the nose would hit the front servo. I had to cut the front nose off, and weld a new piece in its place.

Finished tube frame with a mock up side panel.

Here it is ready for the second comp of the season. I had to run the lipos on top of the serovs, as I couldn't find any where to fit them. After the day was over, I did puncture the top cell on the front lipo. Went to the LHS the next day and picked up a pair of 3 cell 1250 lipo packs that I could put on either side of the front servo.

And a couple pictures of it after I installed the new packs.

Hitec HS-805BB Quarter scale servos
Castle BEC feed by a 2 cell 1500mAh lipo
2 Elite 3 cell 1250mAh lipo packs in parallel
Castle Mamba Max
Hyperion HP-Z3025-08 brushless motor
RC4WD V2 transmission
RC4WD 3/4" wideners
XTM thorn wheels
Pro-Line XL Moabs
JP clod knuckles up front
GP clod knuckles in the rear
Revo drive shafts
Traxxas big bore shocks up front (black heavy springs)
Axial shocks in the rear (cut down HPI black heavy springs)
Links are 8-32 all thread sleeved with 1/4" brake line, using Revo ball ends.
Wheel base is 17.75"
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Bad ass bacon saver right there.
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Excellent build!!!!

Quality work! Thanks for sharing your photos and ideas!
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that may just be the nicest tuber i have ever seen,, is just so cool
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Hey Mikey, I likes it!
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