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Thread: Went cantileverless, lost travel, articulation, but free!

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Default Went cantileverless, lost travel, articulation, but free!

I was tired of the twisting like others, so I stared at the truck for a while.
This is what I came up with, and didn't have to modify a single thing from how it was previously.
I unbolted the cantilever set-up, and bolted the shocks on.

Seriously reduced articulation, wheel travel, BUT the twist is GONE, entirely, and I gained a little ground clearance.
The suspension is way stiff, too stiff. I plan on drilling a hole for the top of the shock to mount further inboard, which should help gain back some travel and soften it up a bit.
Best part is, I didn't modify anything, so it can be put back to cantilever mode.
And the body is held on with the stock posts, minus all the other plastic, and the holes lined right up.

Interestingly though, I can make it over all the obstacles I could before, and even make some that I couldn't.
And yes, I need to cut the chassis. And don't mind the cracked wheel, and destroyed body, or blurry pics.
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Default Re: Went cantileverless, lost travel, articulation, but free

You'll want to "lay the shocks down" more at an anlge now to recapture your lost travel. The angle the shocks are at now will make the truck really, non-pliable. It won't conform to the terrain and will fight it's natural flexibility. As you encouter a rock now, the front shocks are having to move backwards. Not good.
Drill a hole somewhere in the chasis, closer to the center of it and mount the top of the shocks there and you'll be impressed. So impressed, you won't care about ever returning the the cantis!
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Default Re: Went cantileverless, lost travel, articulation, but free

I did the same thing before I put my savage shocks on. When I layed the shocks down it made a world of difference. I still like my savage shocks better though.
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