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EeePee 10-22-2004 04:00 PM

Everyone up front!
Tried a few alternative battery spots, but it kept hitting something.
So, many locations later, I ended up with this:


Two 3 cell triangles, one zipped to the upper link, and seems to be out of harms way.

The idea was to get everything up front.


I think I tried everywhere for the battery, so if anyone has something better, please share.
I might try the servo in a different spot. That'd allow me to build a clump of batteries I'd put in the same spot that the servo used to occupy.
It'd get squeezed between the motor and links if I placed it on top of the links.
Might be stuck with the factory tray and motor in the back...

Oh and the reverse Mag has a noticeable gain in torque over the stock 540.

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