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Mazlem 10-27-2004 01:47 PM

TXT project (mostly done)
I traded with a friend recently for his stock TXT, (aside from bearings), and promptly went to town cutting and moving stuff based on the 'Ultimate TXT' article. First I hacked off the top bumpers and the bottom-rear bumper as I didn't plan on using rear steering to start out. With no bumper I had to lock the rears in place some how, so I took a couple spare rear toe links for my TwinForce and came up with this. Then I moved the lower links to the top of the axle, cut those rediculously long body posts and mounted a body to it. After spending an hour cutting a new tread pattern into one of the tires I decided to see what the TXT'd do in (mostly) stock form. The first thing I tried was crawling up the front stone step and onto the front porch. I could get it on the stone but not the porch as it'd get hung up, so I knew I'd have to do some chassis cutting sooner rather than later.

In the meantime I figured to run the batteries up front I'd have to A: unhook the driveshafts, turn the motors/tranny / battery tray 180 degrees and swap the front servo mount / rear lockout, or B: swap the front and rear axles, so I did the latter and re-programmed the Super Rooster. I also locked both diffs during the swap with hot glue and put on 12T pinions.

I was thinking of mounting the whole electronics tray right on top of the batteries, but since I just needed room for the ESC and receiver, I hacked off a quarter of it and mounted that there next to the motors instead. It's not in this pic but I took a poser shot of the top and BFT's on Maximizer beadlocks. I'll take a pic tonight of all the electronics installed.

So then it was time to cut the chassis and re-locate the links. I didn't really want to deal with cutting the tranny and securing it, so instead of drilling holes to mount the top of it just below the shock mounts as I've seen some do, I dremeled out part of the shock mounts where they're screwed into the chassis. Then I trimmed the top mounts for the tranny, screwed the top of the tranny and the shock mounts to the chassis using the existing hole, and drilled new holes for the bottom mounts. With the links mounted anew I put on Revo shafts to accomodate the longer wheelbase. After cutting the chassis and mounting the BFT's I've got about 4.75" clearance and a 14.5" wheelbase.

With all that done I figured it was time to get this thing back in action, so I took another poser shot an went outside:


With the mods I can drive the truck onto the porch now; a small feat but at least I can see the progress! Next up is grinding down the chassis a little further so I can mount the tranny skid plate I got from RckJeep, (thanks!), cutting a new tread pattern after I've stocked up on Mt Dew, and buying / making a new servo mount for at least the front.

bigred 10-27-2004 01:53 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
the trick to making servo mounts is to make them so you can lock them out or put a servo so it works both way

jeep_boy02 10-27-2004 01:58 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
you need to move the rear lock-outs to above the axle.

I mean what was the point in moving the lower links if you still got them hangin down there?

Mazlem 10-27-2004 02:13 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
Jeep_Boy it's true that was something of a double standard, but I wanted something quick and easy until I came up with new servo mounts. I'd actually looked at mounting them on top of the axle, but I couldn't get the right angle for the toe links to work that way. I figure I'll make / buy two and secure the rear tires using one of those. I'll cut off the bottom of what's left of the stock servo mounts then too.

jeep_boy02 10-27-2004 04:41 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
An easy way I did mine was to make an "L" shaped bracket, attach it to the center screw on the cover of the differential gears and use a standard drag link/tie rod links - like here(probaly need to zoom)

and here is another way I did one

the second one lasted longer than the first, but they both would of been fine if they were made of stronger stuff.(.064 Alum. from hobby store is what they were.)

Mazlem 10-27-2004 09:00 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
Ok I went back and re-worked the rear lockout so the toe links sit above the axle. I also cut off what remained under the axle of the rear bumper, so now there's nothing under the axle.

I took another pic to show the electronics and replaced that poser shot:


jeep_boy02 10-27-2004 09:22 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
Looks great, what body you gonna run?

Mazlem 10-27-2004 09:53 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
I'm gonna run that truck body in the first pic. I've already cut a decent amount from the wheel wells, but it sounds like I've still got to take some more off.

It seems a little tippy so I want to get the batteries lower. I supose if I'd mounted the motors/trans a little lower where others have that'd help a little, but it's too late for that now. I haven't looked into it but if the motors/trans could be flipped so the motors are below that'd really help.

/Edit err no I can't flip the motor/trans since I've trimmed the top mounts..

jeep_boy02 10-28-2004 08:28 AM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
Try experimenting with moving your Cant links outboard more. The further your links are to the outside of the axle the more stability you will have, but it will lessen your suspension travel - so you have to find a happy medium. First try moving your link mount to the other side of they gray block. This is where I had mine, not alot of artic. but had mad stability


Now I have done away with the cants completely and run the shocks like Badger does(but they are the stock stocks) and I have still got the stability, but have gained my flex back :D

MrPhantom 10-29-2004 12:56 AM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
You guys are definitely my heroes. :D I couldn't take my dremel to the stock chassis and hack it like that, but mad artic you have. I guess ill be content to just finish the beast into a Mud boggin, semi crawler. I like the bracket idea, too, i was thinking of using some left over L shape aluminum i have and mouting it to the top piece of the rear diff cover, that and making an entirely new skidplate from aluminum sheet with a Bowtie logo embedded for the front. Wish me luck guys. 8)

Mazlem 11-04-2004 02:20 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
Cool, I'm somebody's hero an I'm a newbie! :D

I've cut a new tread pattern in the BFT's; took about 3hrs to cut and maybe another hour to clean them up. After cutting two tires in the first hour I learned not to go so quick and to use gloves - got 5 blisters. :( I've saved all the tread I cut off; some of that may go back on as side biters.

After I cut the chassis I couldn't mount the skidplate I'd gotten very well, so last night I ended up cutting the chassis some more, plus the lower tranny supports, (I left the bottom tranny screw.) That let the skidplate line up with existing mounting holes. I moved the two chassis support links to either side of the tranny and bolted them to the chassis to prevent forward / backward movement, and the skidplate supports it from underneath. With that done it's now got 5" center clearance with the skidplate mounted.

Also last night I moved the battery tray to below the mounting points and cut the underside to clear the links. JeepBoy I haven't tried moving the cantilever links yet but that's on my list now. I'll take some pics tonight of the re-cut chassis, skidplate an tires w/ new treads.

Mazlem 11-04-2004 07:03 PM

Re: TXT project (mostly done)
Ok here's the new tread pattern. And here's the skid plate installed. Underneath the skid plate you can see the cut chassis, tranny, and new tranny supports:


Up next is moving those cantilever links which aught to be easy enough. Then I may try to make a servo mount like Bill's. That looked easier than putting one on the very top of the axle.

I'd like to put in a new pair of motors. I remember some talk about Johnson motors at AllElectronics awhile ago; they recently came back in stock so I picked some up. I can't find much info one them, so does anybody know if they'd be good for crawling? If not I was thinking of lathe motors. For now I'm not thinking about any gear reductions other than probably putting on 9T pinions.

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