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opus444 10-30-2004 10:34 PM

esc question.. well, more like an issue..
Honest guys I've searched for posts for this already haven't found one so here's my question...

I'm running a EVX at the moment in my TXT-t but I hear a lot about everybody running the super rooster.. I'm thinking about buying one, but i'm a little worried. I like the thought of running 12 cells or possibly 14. I like the thought of running 2 motors also. what I don't like about the EVX is that fact that it doesn't put a lot of power to the servos. Can I run 2 motors and 12 cells with a super rooster?? If I do will I need a fan?? will I need to wire my motors differently?? What's the Maxx the super rooster will take as far as motors and batteries???

Another question?? I was just thinking.. Can I just keep running my EVX and just run seperate 6volt battery pack to the reciever to get better power to my servos.. Will this even work??

I'm sorry about all the questions, but I'm a bit frustrated about this whole ESC issue i'm having. I figured you guys might be able to answer them.. Thanks for any help you can give..


airranger 10-30-2004 10:49 PM

Re: esc question.. well, more like an issue..
for the battery packs , you can run as many as you want but make sure there in parallel, and you should have any problems at all!

Jeckler 10-30-2004 11:39 PM

Re: esc question.. well, more like an issue..
airranger, parallel won't give him more power, just more runtime.
opus, a couple thing syou can do. An SR is rated up to 10 cells. Some people have had good luck running more, but a fan is definately recommended. Or, run an external RX pack. You simply leave the switch on the ESC off when running it.
Finally, a few people around here, me included, are gonna start using voltage regulators. Look for my post "An alternative..." in the radios forum. The only problem I see with that is that the EVX likes its packs to have the same characteristics. Hooking one of them up to a regulator might throw it off. In your case, I'd go with the external pack.

badger 10-31-2004 09:10 AM

Re: esc question.. well, more like an issue..
If you are serious about crawling then there is no reason to run 2 motors and 2 batteries it is just not nessasary.

Ditch 1 motor and 1 battery and install a gear reduction. You will be much happier.

airranger 10-31-2004 07:22 PM

Re: esc question.. well, more like an issue..
o sorry i thought the batt question was about longer run time,, o well! :flipoff:

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