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Thread: Jugg vrs clod

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Default Jugg vrs clod

Hello I own a Tamiya Bullhead now, but in the market to purchase something new. I like the looks of the Juggernaut 2. Besides clod stall is there much diference in how these trucks handel stock? Or what are there main difference. It will in the end be a basher either way. So is the Jugg better for bashing? Aslo the ones on see on e-bay are around 600$ What does everyone think is a fair price for stock used one? Thanks
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I own 3 Clods, a Juggernaut 1 and a TXT1. Out of these five trucks I would have to say for bashing I like the Clods the best. The Juggernaut 1 that I have is all original, without the Tamiya upgraded axle kit, so it is not driven much. The TXT1 is fun for bashing but I always seem to go back to the Clods.

As for a decent price on a Juggernaut, I paid $225 for mine used but I am pretty sure the owner had no idea what he was selling. I wouldn't pay more than $400 to $500 for a Juggernaut or TXT1.
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I have 3 jugg's, 2 txt's, and 5 or 6 clods. I wouldn't even consider a jugg as a basher. In stock form the suspension is pretty much non existent. Not to mention they are fragile and parts are extremely hard to comeby. They are awesome to look at but are best suited for the shelf. Txt's are a vast improvement suspension wise, drivetrain is pretty much jugg2 with a couple little beefier parts, but still not as durable as the clod. If you gonna get something out and play with it hard, I'd stick with the clod. Also consider a kyosho twin/mad force. They are very durable solid axle bashers. I have a few of them and really love them.
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Originally Posted by junkman View Post
, but still not as durable as the clod.
I agreed with everything you said except this..... TXTs in stock form are much stronger than Clods. And although you can modify Clod axles to be much stronger than stock you can also do just about the same things to TXT axles. It really doesn't take much to make TXT axles handle big power.
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