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Thread: shiney new TXT

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Default shiney new TXT

ok, so ive been surfing the boards alot, and doing a bunch of reading... and one this is plainly clear. EVERYONE has a different idea of what a rock crawler should be. it seems rather obvious that i need to get myself to a good starting point and decide which route to take on my own, to find a style that works for me. i have a small idea of what i know i want from the truck;

single motor/batt
locked diffs
rediculously low gearing (1mph give or take)
maxx style wheel adapters

so i guess guess id start by tossing one of the 540 booches that come with the txt1, putting in... hmm...i think i have a novak XRS laying around and bolting up the famed GD600, bolting on some hub adapters, and throwing some jb weld on the diff gears. oh, and modifying some pinions to fit the GD600. so where do i go from there? am i on the right track so far?

what else should i be doing before i try to tackle the big rocks?
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Default Re: shiney new TXT

get rid of the cantilevers,nip the chassis for more clearence and starts playin with it ,crawlin is what you want,know one wants the same truck so you crawl it,think about what you can do to make it better and do its trial and errer you new guys dont want to figure anything out you just want it to be done go play and figure it out its really easy to see what needs to be done when you start crawlin...
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Default Re: shiney new TXT

Your XRS ESC is too small for your TXT. You should get a Super Rooster/Rooster.
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Default Re: shiney new TXT

bigred, if i didnt want to figure anything out then why wouldnt i just go BUY a prefab crawler eh? im not so sure your statement was in the least bit fair. I was hoping to be able to use the experience of others so as to not repeat their mistakes

moving on... yeah i know the XRS wont last long on the txt. im trying to get my LHS to order me up a couple of the Mtronics speedos. mmm... waterproof.

how do most people trim their chassis? ive seen a couple where they moved the tranny up higher, and others where it looked like it was actually cut on the bottom.
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Default Re: shiney new TXT

Bigred is right it's a lot of trial and error, to me that's half the fun. Unless you want to enter an upcoming comp. there is no deadline for your rig.

I spent almost 2 months on this site just reading as a guest.
When I wanted to dial in my suspension I read all the threads that had to do w/ suspension.
When I wanted to cut my chassis I read all those threads.

I built my TXT in that 2 month period w/out asking a single question.

All they are doing is trying to avoid the same questions being asked over and over again. They just don't want 10 threads talking about REVO shafts. Which is another mod you should make.

Good luck.[/quote]
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Default Re: shiney new TXT

check out my thread about cutting the tranny & chassis. It's in the TXT forum a few pages back. Nevermind here's a link http://www.rccrawler.com/postt2522.html It has goods pics to show you where to cut.

And don't even worry about Maxx adapters. I bought a set and never used them. I make beadlock rings for TXT wheels to fit maxx tires. here's a link http://www.rccrawler.com/postt3255.html

Hope this helps[/url]
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Default Re: shiney new TXT

that helps alot! thanks for the links
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