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Thread: My TXT 4TO1 MOD

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Default My TXT 4TO1 MOD

Hi ,here is my 4to1 mod ,
made with hobby store parts ,
you can keep the diff action for
turns at speed this is all the parts
that you will need to buy,....

.I first took part the diff and mounted the gear
side in the drill press ,make sure that the gear is
centerd ,my drill press is a 5 speed ,I ran it in
the 3rd position

here is were most may not have the tools ,
I used a very small belt grinder , the 1 inch wide
size to grind off the stock teeth ,just down enough
to clear the spur gear ....
ok now ,I used a cone shape hole grinder
i picked up at habor freight tools to inlarge
and center the center hole ,the cone shape
will keep in centerd ,you do not want the gear
to be lobing up and down as it turns

take your time with this , use the proper drill and tap
,you do not want the srews you use to be lose ,
use the gear to mark the gear mounting holes
,I used 3mm,

now it`s time to be very patient with the
grinding of the housing ,I had burned though
lightly in a couple of spots on the frist one
,none on the second ,grind some and test fit
,repeat as needed ,you will need to do
both top and bottom

now it is time to do the pinion , again grind
little and repeatly test fit ,yes you will grind
into the set screw hole , I used red lock tight
then used the dremel to grind down the set screw ,

always test as you go , this is may first
time tring to do an artical and pictures
,so any help on doing it better ,or any
questions please let me know . late
r this week i hope to be able to have
time to test them out [/LEFT]

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Default Re: My TXT 4TO1 MOD

well after the 5th 5000mah 8.4 pack i lost both axles ,but wait , the 3mm screws i used in the diff worked there way out ,i know i should of use lock tight , fixed this and did noticed one of the set screws tilting a little ,so i compared very closly to the other one ,the one that was tilted was in the rear and it was ground a little more , so sunday i went and picked up another pinion and re-did this one , i just ran the 5th pack again still running ,still waiting on the e-mail from the gear rod company, i think i will try sending another
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Default Re: My TXT 4TO1 MOD

Better pictures would be nice, try adjusting your macro features on your camera?
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Default Re: My TXT 4TO1 MOD

You had me going until I saw the partial pinion in place. I don't think that is going to hold up to serious abuse.

Is there room to drill/tap a new hole at 90 degrees from the original, just further up the pinion. Even if you had to "clearance" a tooth or two to make it work you'd be better off than what you currently had. Heck, drill all the way through and double up on the setscrews.

I don't know how rare/expensive the shaft is, but another option I'd seriously consider is welding the gear to the shaft.

What is the stock ratio between the ring and pinion? And the stock lower gears?

And, yeah, we want better pics.
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Default Re: My TXT 4TO1 MOD

some where around 2:1 on the stock gear ratio, I had the egressor kit on one of mine, but I didnt like dremeling out so much of the housing....
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