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Thread: Juggernaut help needed

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Default Juggernaut help needed

I am trying to piece together an original Jugg and I have already gotten a set of brand new updated Jug II front and rear axles. The truck is complete and ready to go BUT, I cant find drive shafts to fit it properly. I bought a set of E maxx center shafts because I was told they would work. WEll they do as far as length but the out put shaft of the trans has 1 single flat spot for a set screw to tighten down against and the input shafts of the axles have 2 flat spots. SO on the axle end the Emaxx shafts work but on the trans end they do not. ANY ideas as where to get the proper shafts for this truck would be greatly appreciated and as far as length can someone tell me how long a telosc shaft would need to be. Thanks in advance for any info
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Drill a hole through the pinion shaft
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Default Re: Juggernaut help needed

Ok to start off, what you have are TXT axles, Jugg 1 and 2 had 5mm shafts with one flat, TXT had 6mm shafts with 2 flats so E Maxx shafts will fit them perfect. Now your problem, do you have a jugg 1 or 2 transmission? The difference is 2 has 2 litttle aluminium heatsinks attached to the outside. If you have a 1 I would strongly recommend finding a 2 or TXT transmission, the trans was also upgraded. You would be best off with a TXT trans, then your shafts will bolt straight on, otherwise you will have to find a pair of shafts possibly mip's where you can have a 5mm shaft one end and 6mm the other. It is not just as simple as drilling a hole.
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Default Re: Juggernaut help needed

Thanks for the input. It is a Jugg 1 trans as there are no heat sink and from the research I have done these are the upgraded axles from back in 2001. IU ordered some punisher shafts from RC4wd and they work great. Now the only thing left to do is find a rear bumper so I can mount another servo and 4 wheel steering. The front and rear bumpers are the same correct??
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Default Re: Juggernaut help needed

Bumpers are the same.
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