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4drmopar 07-30-2009 08:00 PM

Anyone done a New Bright TJ Wrangler on a CC-01?
Ok, So I'm sitting here looking at the New Bright TJ Wrangler and I think it would go nicely on my CC-01. It's gonna take some sectioningof the rear floor, but, it will be WAY worth it I think. Has anyone done one of these yet? I wasn't even sure I wanted one,until my brother popped his outof a storage tote and asked If it was what I wanted... I was about ready to buy one today, glad I waited! lol

toyofast 07-30-2009 09:37 PM

No Jeep other than a Liberty should have IFS.

4drmopar 07-30-2009 09:45 PM

I dont disagree, but, since I cant get teh 2 sellers of liberty new brights to even acknowledge email from me, what sa guy to do? ya know?

toyofast 07-30-2009 09:59 PM

Could always do Ford Sport-Trac...

JKJim 07-31-2009 08:51 AM

I did my CC up as my full size ride, a 2005 Grand Cherokee WK. After '04, Grand's became IFS too. I think the body is from a company called Redline RC or something. Look at Toy-R-Us, that is where I got mine. Save the TJ for a Losi MRC and a diferent chassis.

Real Jeeps have two solid axles and round headlights:-P

j0e 07-31-2009 06:08 PM

i did one...


but im rebuilding it with solid axles like it should be!

MassCrawler 07-31-2009 08:46 PM

I have one that I am working on now. I bought it thinking I would do a tuber chassis but it just fits right on the CC01.

4drmopar 07-31-2009 08:49 PM

It's not perfect, but, after teh tub trimming etc yeah it will be a nice height...besides, Tamiya did theres like that.. :)
Also, I'm gonna legnthen the rear arms by about 14" to center teh rear wheel in the wheel opening and it SHOULD look GREAT. I am just debating on running Stock Slash wheels and tires for now, they look GREAT on it! :)

I am considering keeping the big wheels on, but, might end up with a set of the white rover wheels and tires from Fleabay

blackfoot 07-31-2009 11:27 PM

Body looks good, but she needs to ride on 1.9s. Looks too cartoonish and those Slash tires are worthless on the trails, buddy has a set on his SCX10 and it was a damn joke.

4drmopar 08-01-2009 05:50 AM

lol, yeah,same decision I came to last night too while trying to fall asleep....

squatch71 08-06-2009 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by toyofast (Post 1918634)

sure now one comes up....but i'll stick with my s-10

4drmopar 08-06-2009 08:45 PM

It LOOKS like I willbe getting a 99-04 (WJ) grand cherokee in teh mail in the next day or two! :) so, IFS or not

JKJim 08-07-2009 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by 4drmopar (Post 1929711)
It LOOKS like I willbe getting a 99-04 (WJ) grand cherokee in teh mail in the next day or two! :) so, IFS or not

Cool! I wont be the only wheeling with a Grand Cherokee. Hope you get the '04, that year got a mild face lift and by far was one of the best looking Grand's.

4drmopar 08-07-2009 08:49 AM

I've had the 99 and 04 style, and yes, the 04 does have a nicer grille and a few other small feature... I think this is just a 99-03 style wthout revisions but,nothing some filler and dremel cant fix on my mini rig

Here's my previous 2 WJ's

DonsATV 08-07-2009 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by JKJim (Post 1919150)

Real Jeeps have two solid axles and leaf springs :-P

Fixed it for ya! "thumbsup"

4drmopar 08-12-2009 10:07 PM

People who have leaf springs jsut havent masterd 4 links yet :)

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