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Gimpdiggity 06-30-2012 10:07 PM

CC-01 Bronco Interior??
Just wondering if anyone has any tips on where to start for doing an interior on a CC-01 Bronco? I'm building one right now...just waiting on paint for the body...and I'd like to try and put an interior in it...but I've never done that before, so I really don't know where to even start looking.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Spacelord 07-01-2012 01:13 AM

Re: CC-01 Bronco Interior??
My favorite build thread http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/1-9-s...s-rebuild.html

TrilloThrillo110 10-18-2013 05:33 PM

Re: CC-01 Bronco Interior??
Probably way too late but you could try building a flat floor out of styrene and then put in Axial Corbeau seats and modify an RC4WD TF2 Dash. Dinky RC do good steer wheels. Pop either a RC4WD plastic guy (which you'll need to build and paint), a WWE wrestling figure or Locked Up RC (Figures) and you should have a good interior. Are you planning on having a rotating steering wheel on a servo or not?
Another interior thread: http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/tamiy...-interior.html

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