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Thread: RJ Speedy

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I wanna be Dave
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Default RJ Speedy

Saw this body at the LHS, and I have poor impulse control. I oringinally was going to put it on an STRC short chassis with some TLT's, but it's TINY. Didn't look right at all. So i dropped it on a CC01. Hmm... not bad.

So, I took a well loved CC01 project that I haven't driven in a while (had an AM radio in it still) and stripped it all down. I had a new chassis tub laying here, so busted out the dremel and started whacking away. Did all the usual mods I do to these chassis (brick removal, suspension re-work, etc) and then started sizing it up.

CC01 tub was too wide for the body, so I trimmed up the side, and narrowed the rear arches. Added some foam in the battery compartment for a small lipo while I was at it

Tucks right in there, and a foam bock wedges in there to hold it from the side. Remove the foam on the side, and slide the battery right back out.

A few ounces of lead glued in here and there as low as possible. Weight balance goal is about 55/45...it's there now, will change a bit when bumpers are added

Rear suspension modded up. 80mm shocks, give just a bit more travel then the front. Don't like a ton of rear flex in these trucks, just makes them unstable imo.

View of the bottom. Usual suspension set-up, and I severly trimmed some junfac sliders down. They stuck out about 8 miles from the body initially.

View from the top. Yup, that's a holmes outrunner in there. I just test ran it around the basement, but on 2S, I don't know that there's a much better set-up for the CC01. GOBS of torque, no reduction needed, and way more wheelspeed than I need. Already heard the driveline crack once testing it on carpet (trying to wheelie - it did.) Fingers crossed....

And the RJ speed body. Cool body, wish it was just a bit larger! Had to hack almost the entire front of the chassis off to make it work, but I like the overall stance. Says Outlaw to me, I don't know why. Been looking for a good excuse to glue up these wheels - think i finally found it.

Way narrow for the CC01, but I like it.

Flexing around..plenty for a CC chassis. Can't get to the "1 tire" rule, but close enough.

Working on bumpers - rear is cake, but the front has me a bit stumped. Got a few ideas bubbling around. I'll come up with something. Still very much a work in progress.

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Quarry Creeper
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Default Re: RJ Speedy

Those baby Vaterra swampers would probly be the cats a$$ on this rig. Especially with the little jeep body.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: RJ Speedy

Well, I had no real plan here for the front bumper, just kind of played with stuff and it started falling together...sometimes the best projects come together that way.

Had planned a tube bumper of some kind, but the front of a hacked CC chassis is a little tricky. In the end, I ended up with some delrin and aluminum plate.

I trimmed up a piece of delrin and sandwiched it in the chassis, and screwed it in from the sides. Braces up the chassis and gave me a mounting point. The aluminum plate mounts to the the delrin spacer, and a final piece of delrin goes up front and sandwiches the aluminum in there. 5 screws hold it all together, and it's super strong - not going anywhere!

Some D rings are then strategically placed over the screws...End results is pretty clean. Not bad for having no plan at all 2 hours ago!

Pretty good approach angle too!

Super happy with how it came out...moving to the rear bumper....
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Quarry Creeper
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Default Re: RJ Speedy

Nice looking Rig so far! Your work never ceases to amaze me! You will have to keep us posted on the outrunner performance once you test it outside.
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Old 02-18-2015, 07:04 AM   #5
I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: RJ Speedy

I don't think the outrunner will stay. Have the feeling I'll be picking up drivetrain parts. (but it will be fun!)

Rear bumper is done, just needs some paint.... and some pics.
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Pebble Pounder
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Default Re: RJ Speedy

Any pics with paint yet?
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