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Thread: A "Green Trail" Rig

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Default A "Green Trail" Rig

So it was that time a couple months ago where eBay had a 15% off coupon and I knew there was something I wanted to pick up. I had decided on a CC01 kit for numerous reasons:

-Wanted a Tamiya kit just to see what all the fuss was about.
-Wanted to try a hardbody
-Very smol tires
-Cute size overall
-OSRC's fault

I also wanted something for the tamer trails and to switch up existing ones so I figured a rig of this size would do that. I plan to upgrade the rig as I go, with not many changes out of the box except for tires, steering rack and ball bearings.

Cozy box with those vintage illustrations.

ABS all accounted for.

So this was just a straight up culture shock since I've only dealt with the Axial/Traxxas stuff until now, and it made me realize that I forgot to check the gear ratios in this thing. I did the "extra planetary gear stuffed into the front diff" in order to lock the front since I didn't want to JB weld it immediately.

Went with the Hot Racing steering rack, which definitely blows that little wire thing out of the water.

Hey at least this part looks familiar (and much better with ball bearings instead), locked rear of course.

Definitely a bizarre looking underbelly compared to what I'm used to, but I get it.

I originally had this wheel and tire combo for the SCX10 II but I will try them out here first and see if they'll work, since the Tamiya tires feel like they're made from leftover ABS anyways. I need some scale bolts for the hubs so that's why theres only 3 metric screws atm.


So that's the progress for now, the next stuff appears to be all the detail work. Unfortunately it's a bit too cold/raining/windy for painting outside still so I will try to get that done when the weather is more permitting.
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Default Re: A "Green Trail" Rig

Decided to go with TS-10 aka French Blue, which might as well read "Painter's tape blue".

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Default Re: A "Green Trail" Rig

Sweet! Off to a good start!
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Default Re: A "Green Trail" Rig

Nice! Can't wait to see it done!
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Default Re: A "Green Trail" Rig

One thing I noticed was that the rear axles could move inwards and the hex would be rubbing on the axle. I found 2 random o-rings laying around and will try this out.

Finally got the main parts of the body finished. There's still a bunch of detail work to do, like painting the signals, tail lights, etc. There were some mishaps so it's a 3 footer at best

So I forgot to account for the fact that the foams add a couple millimeters to the tires and as a result they're being pushed into the body more than I'd like. I might have to mock one up on the stock tamiya wheel to see if the solution was less offset, or perhaps just add bigger bump stops to the front shocks to leave it lifted a bit. I do like the look of the tire barely poking out from under the fenders though.


So my dilemma is the following:

Using 3.7" tires, the SSD wheels have too much offset and they put the tire into the fenders if you try to turn. With the stock tamiya wheel and its very small offset, this problem is remedied, but I'm not sure if I want to use them yet. I can attempt to find a tire around 3.5" however I'm not sure how many come in X2SS, which is a good compound at this tire size.

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