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Thread: shock tuning my lcc?

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Question shock tuning my lcc?

please let me know if i'm misunderstanding or just plain wrong thanks

trying to get a better understanding of shocks and how to tune them for my lcc i've been reading alot about changing pistons and shock oils and spring choices so you've got your spring which handles the rebound of the shock then there's the piston and the oil which handle the damping side of things

so what i gather is you want a low spring rate(soft spring) so you can get that flex you need and lots of damping so your rig adjust slowly and chassis doesn't make a sudden roll

now i'm assuming that you change the piston to a larger hole size because the fluid is thicker and your trying to find the balance between piston size and oil wt to get the damping you want btw how do the pistons sizes go is 55 bigger or smaller size holes than a 56

then theres shock position straight up or layed back i'm not at all sure what that does:?

bottom line is there are so many options/settings for the shocks on the lcc any and all help with shock tuning would be greatly appreciated
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Losi pistons go bigger hole = smaller number.

54 biggest - 60 smallest .........

im not good with the tech talk jargon so ill let some one else explain the oil weights.
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thanks that helps me understand a little better what people are doing
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Nice punctuation.

Steve, feel free to ask me anything next time we meet. Standard rates apply, one beer per minute.

I'll make it easy for now. If you have to ask about shock pistons, don't worry about the shock pistons.

But since you asked, Losi sizes their pistons according to the hole diameter and corresponding drill bit size. Brilliant!

1.016mm .04" #60
1.0414mm .041" #59
1.0668mm .042" #58
1.0922mm .043" #57
1.1811mm .0465 #56
1.3208mm .052" #55
1.397mm .055" #54

The thing comes with #56s, and they work perfectly fine. You'll tune with shock oils and springs and get it more or less dialed in without changing shock pistons.

Shock oil is easy. Try something 20 weights different than the other side and run it.

Oh look, our minute is up, and that's one beer.
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thanks man, i appreciate the info and the offer. i think the cabin fever is sinkin in to much to think about and nothin to do

and as far as the punctuation goes
as long as i can make a point understood i don't really care!
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