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Thread: Axle spitting out pinion

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Default Axle spitting out pinion

Hay guys new here, Just reciently bought a lnc. I've ran maybe 5 batteries. None of which have been outside. With the weather and sickness going through my house havn't been able to. My son and I were playing in the basement running over toys and I heard the sound of mine change. After further inspection grease was all over the pinion area of the rear axle. When I drive forward under a load(even turning the front wheels) sounds like gears meshing together to tightly.

I tore the axle apart and found nothing visually wrong. Most the grease was gone though. I regreased and reassembled just to hear the same thing. Don't know if this helps but it only does it when going forward. I can't get it to do it in revearse.

Can someone help me out, not sure where to go from here.
Thanks for any help
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sorry axle spitting grease out the pinion. not spitting out the pinion
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check the shims i run one one both sides and check to make sure the worms have a slant to the teeth n not straight some gears where wrong cut or if it was used are the teeth wore sharp may need to b replaced hope this helps
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sounds like it was over packed with grease. when I over fill mine I get the front and rear axle spooging grease out.

have you changed the gears recently or filled them with grease?
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Can you take pic of your rear axle open ?
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take the driveshaft off and spin it by hand, see if you feel any binding...i think the problem may be that the pinion is causing your driveshaft to bind up the drivetrain because than pinion is pushing on it and there is no where for the driveshaft to get pushed since its solid all the way through, not a slip joint.

But this is just a guess, i have never ran a lnc, just a lcc.
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Mine always has when I really pack the grease in the rear axle. The front end can't push it out the front of the axle so it forces it into the axle tubes. If you drove your truck backwards all the time it would stop coming out of the rear axle and start coming out of the front axle. Welcome to the wonderful world of the losi.
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