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Thread: Flat or rounded carcuss...........TIRE?

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Default Flat or rounded carcuss...........TIRE?

Does you guys have a preference in the shape of the tires? Rounded carcuss or flat?

On the tire on the left I have 2 soft memory foams side by side. The overall tire is still pretty soft and rounded in the center.

The tire on the right I have 1/4" standard foam on both sides of a full memory foam. This definately improves sidewall strength but flattens the carcuss out.

I was just curious if one tire is recommended over the other.

I personally like the flatter tire, although I havn't tried it this way yet. My thought is it will improve steering response especially sidehilling. The only concern with the flatten carcuss tire is the center wants to fold in on itself. Good or bad I don't know.
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with them mounted on the truck I don't think it will make a difference. The one on the left will flatten out just like the one on the right.

I have the same setup (memory sandwiched with standard foam) and the sidehilling capabilites are jaw-dropping compared to a set-up with little to no sidewall support. I have about 1/2 inch of standard on the edges and about an inch of memory in the middle. I may trim them up a little if I find the need. Right now the tires are stuffed.

with the weight of the entire rig on one tire

I haven't fully tested this out yet, I was just able to run for about 20 minutes or so this morning before work. I like it so far.
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