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Thread: Stripped Hex Screw - Craftsman Screw Extractor

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Default Stripped Hex Screw - Craftsman Screw Extractor

I have seen lots of posts lately about having problems with stuck grub screws or stripped hex screws in general.

I bought one of these sets from Sears, to fix a stripped phillips head screw on my Jeep.

Sears Item# 00952157000 | Model# 720SR

Here is a link to the sears page..

Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more

They have a couple bits in that set that go down to M3-M4, so they are perfect for small grub screws and the flat head small allen screws that get stripped out on my short course trucks all the time.

I never though this thing would work, but it hasn't let me down yet.
I have used it multiple times, on scews that were rusted and stripped out. Even worked on a screw that was tried to be drilled out with no luck.

Since I have been seeing more and more guys with stuck screws, I thought I would post this here.

Good luck guys..
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I have used those a few times on the job, all successful.
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Shallow-Grip Screw Extractors The combination of multiple splines and a short, stocky design provides an aggressive, shallow grip for high-torque applications and hard-to-reach areas. Use these extractors to remove broken bolts, studs, and screws. Simply drill a hole in the broken part, place the extractor in the hole, and turn it with a wrench. Also good for removing pipe and fittings and other tubular-shaped items with hollow inside diameters. The full-length flute makes starting easy. Use on right-hand threads. Made of steel.

For Stud, Bolt, For Use O'all and Screw Dia. Tube ID Drill Size Lg. Each
#12 1/8" 1/8"1 3/8"57195A511$2.92 1/4" 5/32" 5/32"1 3/8"57195A5122.92 5/16" 3/16" 3/16"1 3/8"57195A5132.92 3/8" 7/32" 7/32"1 3/8"57195A5142.92 7/16" 1/4" 1/4"1 3/8"57195A5152.92 1/2" 9/32" 9/32"1 3/8"57195A5162.92 9/16" 5/16" 5/16"1 3/8"57195A5172.92 5/8" 11/32" 11/32"1 3/8"57195A5182.92 11/16" 3/8" 3/8"1 3/8"57195A5192.92 3/4" 13/32" 13/32"1 3/8"57195A5213.24 13/16" 7/16" 7/16"1 3/8"57195A5223.24 7/8" 15/32" 15/32"1 3/8"57195A5233.24 15/16" 1/2" 1/2"1 3/8"57195A5243.241" 17/32" 17/32"1 3/8"57195A5253.091 1/16" 9/16" 9/16"1 3/8"57195A5263.091 1/8" 19/32" 19/32"1 3/8"57195A5273.091 3/16" 5/8" 5/8"1 3/8"57195A5283.051 1/4" 21/32" 21/32"1 3/8"57195A5313.551 5/16" 11/16" 11/16"1 3/8"57195A5323.551 3/8" 23/32" 23/32"1 3/8"57195A5333.551 7/16" 3/4" 3/4"1 3/8"57195A5343.551 1/2" 25/32" 25/32"1 3/8"57195A5414.241 9/16" 13/16" 13/16"1 3/8"57195A5424.241 5/8" 27/32" 27/32"1 3/8"57195A5434.241 11/16" 7/8" 7/8"1 3/8"57195A5444.24
10-Piece Set— Includes extractors in sizes #12 to 3/4". Packed in a plastic case.
10-Piece Set57195A31Per Set $27.47
25-Piece Set— Includes one each of the extractors listed above. Packed in a plastic case.
25-Piece Set57195A32Per Set $64.82
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I 've used the Craftsman ones more than once to remove stripped button-head screws on beadlocks.

I would certainly recommend. May not work in all situations, but good to have.
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That kit works well...but lately if it's a hex head screw that is stripped or a button head I just dremel a slot in the head and use a flat screw driver to extract it.

Grub screws that may not work all the time and that's when the kit comes in handy.
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Thanks for posting that up, this is extremely helpful to me.

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try apply heat with soldering iron, use dremmel cut off wheel to cut a slot in it, then a slot screwdriver. That's my 10Cents.
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What do they make those grub screws out of anyway? Cheese? Play-Dough? I hate those damn things. I use blue thread locker in the shafts to hold the grub screws in or they back out.. then I strip them when i try to get them out. It's ridiculous. I need to find some titanium grub screws that will fit the stock axial shaft.
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i normally get them stuck all the time on my drive shafts but i have mip's so heat wont hurt them 20 seconds with a torch and some pb blaster and they spin out with 2 fingers
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