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Thread: Another brazing thread

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Default Another brazing thread

Hi Guys,

so after trolling a few forums, I have found some info here and there, but not all together.

So at the risk of being burnt, if anyone can assist with the below it would be great

If someone with the more knowledge, if you could answer a few simple questions would help

I would like to get into crawling, unfortunately my side of the world, we are very limited to what we have access to as the sport is not as big this side.

I am in the process of building a 3d printer for some parts that are unavailable, and keen to get into building tube chasis.

I've done the 3d printing thing before, and build many other devices, so not really my first rodeo in that sense.

Welding and brazing however, I have no clue whatsoever, so I need some assistance here.

So, from what I've gathered, you need a MAPP torch, some brazing rods, patience, and tubing.

A really noob question, why cant I use a butane torch, like a drememl versaflame/versatip? Does it not get hot enough? will the gass affect the solder? What temp do I need to braze at? is there a general guidline.

Tubing: I can get my hands on some brake line tubing, uncoated. Are there different types of tubing, or are they all the same metal? Apart from different sizes, is the actual metal the same?

Solder/brazing rods: Are there different types? so each melt at their own temps? ones that are stronger than others, ones that give a more rough finish etc? what would generally be the better one to use?

And then theres Flux, is flux flux, or are there differnt types of flux for different uses?

I have a general idea on the above, but I just want to get more peoples views on it if possible.

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Default Re: Another brazing thread

This place sells 3/16" OD DOM tubing, best stuff for your project
And yes, Mapp or oxy acetylene.
And you can buy brass brazing rod with flux inside.
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Default Re: Another brazing thread

I would go with oxy/acetylene. It is available everywhere and you can do much more with it than brazing. You'll need a mandrel-type bender so you don't kink the tubing when you make bends. Practice on cheap stuff, clothes hangers or whatever before you start brazing tubing. You need to develop a "touch". Go to the library and check out a welding/brazing book and study it. Go to the local welding supply store and ask questions. Oxy/acetylene rigs are available used. Look around at a flea market or swap meet or whatever you have in ZA.

Have Fun and Good Luck!
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