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Thread: Essential tools for RC hobby?

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Default Re: Essential tools for RC hobby?

Originally Posted by odomandr View Post
Last two kits I built didn't even have trees... Is this going by the wayside?
Unfortunately, I don't think parts trees will ever completely go away.

I use these micro flush cutters from Harbor Freight. They are cheap, locally available, and they flat work. I have a few sets including the one I originally bought years ago and it's still going strong.

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Default Re: Essential tools for RC hobby?

Essential tool---> credit card and a amainhobbies account
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Default Re: Essential tools for RC hobby?

Originally Posted by themountain View Post
Essential tool---> credit card and a amainhobbies account
Ha ha... this is essential.

For me, a good pit light and a decent sized silicone work mat with sectioned areas for holding hardware have really made my wrenching time more joyful.

A good soldering iron like a Hakko or PACE makes life easier as well.
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Default Re: Essential tools for RC hobby?

Also need a good imagination and a hoarder mentality!!!!!

I just made a light bar for my OG Honcho from two of the free blue HF LED lights. They have the flat LED flexible strips inside now vs multiple bulbs in a row. Made the housing from part of an old aluminum dry erase board trim and trimmed down a clear neon desk light cover for the front.

One thing not mentioned or that I saw at least, is a cheap small digital scale. Have to make sure those left / right tires are the same weight!!!
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Default Re: Essential tools for RC hobby?

Donít know if you are still following, but I would definitely get a soldering iron, a jig(or make your own), needle nose pliers, a hex set that fits a drill, SHARP scissors(I have 2 sets of lexan scissors, one for lexan, one for everything else) some sort of grease on hand, threadlock, and small screw drivers. Also helps to have electrical tape and double sided tape.

For organizing, I screwed a cut 2x4 to the wall and put a load of nails in it to hang tools on. It helps a lot. Also got a plastic drawer set from Walmart. Recommend a chassis stand aswell. I bought a cheap hobby park one from amazon and it works good.

Also helps to have a good music setup that can play good music or RC vids

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Default Re: Essential tools for RC hobby?

I bought one of these a few years ago and have been VERY satisfied with it. Lower cost compared to some other drivers out there, but does the trick 99% of the time. Pair this with a good set of MIP hexes and that is something I cannot do without.

MM-PEPD Professional Electric Power Driver
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Default Re: Essential tools for RC hobby?

These hex drivers I got from CPE (to get free shipping a while ago with my clod racing stuff) are absolutely awesome. I used to blow out the heads of my M3 screws all the time with typical hardware store allen wrenches.

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Default Re: Essential tools for RC hobby?

Weller makes a good solder station for $40---the "RC" ones to me are over priced and do not offer any additional advantages. Just my opinion. I got by for the longest time using a Weller butane torch/soldering iron. I work on full size cars and that thing is invaluable doing chassis wiring repair on trucks and trailers.

You can save some money on the fishing tackle boxes by going to the crafts section of walmart. You will find the same cases, made by Plano, 1 model number different and it was (for me anyway) 2 bucks cheaper per case

The Team Associated tool set/driver has been a great piece for me. Has chuckable bits for using in a screw gun/drill, compacts down to a small size to carry for when you are trailing.

A small cordless screw gun or drill that has an adjustable clutch for lower torque settings

I prefer marine grease over normal grease, it tends to hold up better and helps with water resistance in things like axles and tcases and now portals. I have noticed a difference.

4x4 posts can be cut down to make things like Vehicle stands, cut down and drilled holes in them for tool driver storage, shock bleeder stands, solder jigs (just be careful you dont burn the wood with the soldering iron)

A Leatherman (Rebar, Wave, Skeletool, Surge, Super Tool 300) Not only handy every day and around the house but when you go trailing you can use the pliers and the bit set to make trail repairs.

Shrink tube of various sizes. Can be used to keep things like set screws/grub screws secured in drive shafts, wire looms in place of using zip ties for wire management
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