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Thread: Brazing vs Hard soldering.

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Default Brazing vs Hard soldering.

Before you ask I have searched but didn't find anything that tells me any different to what I know.
I have been told on several ccasions they are the exact same thing yet i have also been told they are completely different! Could somebody clear this up for me. I have done hard soldering (i think) which is where you apply flux and heat it to red how and poke it with a red hot metal stick to push the flux in and melt metal on to it (I still have the scars )
So please help me!
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in my opinion thats brazing
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Sounds like to me you have no idea what you did.

You do brazing that way, and you can do solder that way.

Biggest difference is the strength and melting temperature.

Example- Bronze brazing rod melting temp is around 700 deg. or if you go with a higher silver in it, say like the SafetySilv56 your up +/- 1000 degrees depending on thickness which is a pain in the arse IMO unless you have an actual acet./oxy torch and not your bottle of mapp with fine tip flame

Your "hard" soldering like the 540 and 490 are not going to be as strong but will melt a lot quicker and flow onto both metals at a lot lower temp.
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Ok well basically i was building something out of brass and asked if he knew of any good ways to join the 2 metals together and he said (Yeah' I'll hard soler it for you.) so I said fine, and he applied a type of flux and got out his big industrial sized tank of propane like this clicky then he got a piece of thin rod and said he has to melt it into the joints before the joints get red hot Because once the joint is red hot then that means it is joined. This also sounds like brazing to me except i just wanted to find out before i go into a shop and say i need some flux for hard soldering then find out tht there is no such thing
I hope this gave you a better description and hope you an still help me.

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"Silver brazing
If silver alloy is used, brazing can be referred to as 'silver brazing'. Colloquially, the inaccurate terms "silver soldering" or "hard soldering" are used, to distinguish from the process of low temperature soldering that is done with solder having a melting point below 450 °C (842 °F), or, as traditionally defined in the United States, having a melting point below 800°F or 425°C. Silver brazing is similar to soldering but higher temperatures are used and the filler metal has a significantly different composition and higher melting point than solder. Likewise, silver brazing often requires the prior machining of parts to be joined to very close tolerances prior to joining them, to establish a joint gap distance of a few micrometres or mils for proper capillary action during joining of parts, whereas soldering does not require gap distances that are nearly this small for successful joining of parts. Silver brazing works especially well for joining tubular thick-walled metal pipes, provided the proper fit-up is done prior to joining the parts..."

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Dang, the one time i don't check wiki it's there grrrrr.
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