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Thread: need help picking out a torch

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Default need help picking out a torch

Hi I have been interested in building my own tube chassis for a long time but never knew how to do it I read the article in the june 2005 issue of RC DRIVER magazine and the one on rccrawler.com's homepage my biggest concern is what type of torch to get it says to use a micro mapp torch I was thinking of buying a jewelers torch from the eastwood company would this get the job done here is the link below to check it out


also what exactly is a mapp torch what does the mapp stand for so check out the link above and tell me what you think will this torch work for me if not can you tell me where I can get a micro mapp torch at thanks for any info
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The torch in the link you posted is a very nice one, but it was designed for oxy/acetylene and I don't think it would work for MAPP gas. This torch you're looking at even requires that you purchase the regulators separately.

MAPP stands for MethylAcetylene-Propadiene gas. It's capable of producing 2405 BTU's/cubic foot with a 5301°F/2927°C flame temp. MAPP doesn't have the flexibility of oxidation or reduction flame control like you have with oxy/acetylene. It is capable of producing a hotter/finer flame than you would get with liquid propane though.

For some complete kit ideas, look around on http://www.bernzomatic.com . These kits can be found/ordered from HomeDepot, Ace Hardware, etc.

Hope this helps.

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fuel flames

That “may” be the one RokToy uses.

MAPP gas is made by combining liquefied petroleum gas with Methylacetylene-Propadiene. It burns at a higher temperature than propane, 5301° F vs about 3500°F for Propane. Both will work for brazing, but a higher temperature makes brazing easier. The same “special” torch can be used with either propane or MAPP gas.
One just burns “hotter” than the other.


Check out the Meco Midget Torch. This is an OXY-ACETYLENE TORCH. This is a better torch than the ones they use for jewelry work. If you are going to purchase the cylinders, gauges, and hose for oxygen-acetylene welding, then this is the way to go. This is what the aircraft guys use if they want to weld aluminum if they don’t want the expense of purchasing a TIG welder.


Go through this site and see what you think. I’m real close to making up my mind to buy this little guy.

I use my medium duty Victor torch right now, but I’m planning on buying the Meco for the small stuff. I can’t get the little tips that are available for the Meco for my Victor torch. I also want to see if I can weld small gauge aluminum with the Meco torch.
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if your only wanting to use it for building a chassis, then just go get a bottle of Mapp gas for $8 at home depot and get a tip for it for maybe 10-$15 and your good to go. i use one and it works just fine. its just like a propane setup you would use for plumbing.

i also use another type from home depot that has the oxy/ mapp setup and it gets it hotter alot faster. no need to sit around and wait for heat
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Thanks for all the help and info guys I am going to get started looking for what will work best for me
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