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Thread: TRX-4 Swapping diff servos.

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Default Re: TRX-4 Swapping diff servos.

I found a really easy way to do this without even getting into the rx box. Just pull the cables off of the servo horns and swap positions of the servos. Everything is still set to factory. Works great.
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Default Re: TRX-4 Swapping diff servos.

Originally Posted by badhoopty View Post
on a 1:1 i'd much rather unlock the front, i have lockers front and rear on mine, and sometimes the only way to be able to steer worth a damn or stay out of muddy ruts is to unlock a hub. but a scale rig turns alot better than a 1:1 does with spools front and rear.

on an rc i would much rather unlock the rear. especially when going up something techy and off camber where the rear gets all the traction and wants to push the rig straight, or break loose and swing the rear into a hole you were trying to avoid.

i havent read anything really about this truck and dont own one, but does that unlocked wheel spin at a faster rate when its only putting power to one of the wheels? that could be kinda cool for the front... and for the rear you could intentionally bind the axles or portals with bushings and shims so the unlocked side could be a passive turning brake. yes it'd be hard on the drivetrain and elecs, but it could be interesting for a scale comp rig.
Badhoopty, there's another way to do this that will get you similar results: Thicker differential fluid in the pumpkin. I'm looking to get mine to act like my 1:1 Wrangler did with an open front and a limited slip rear. And I read somewhere that if you use higher viscosity diff fluid, the axle will act more like a limited slip (where the fluid will help bind the gearing and spin both tires). Doing it this way should be a lot easier on the drivetrain too.
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Default Re: TRX-4 Swapping diff servos.

Hi, has anybody tried to open up the radio and see if it can be modded by replacing the single switch with two switches, one for each differential?
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Default Re: TRX-4 Swapping diff servos.

On my rc crawlers i dont see any reason to have open diffs at all my 1:1 scout has a rear lsd only my little roo expo wagon has 2 rear.set.ups one spooled and the other diff is a lsd the front has a manual momentary locker and front dig subarus are like legos 5 min diff swap depending were im at in johnson valley i run the spool but trail running i run the lsd my next wheeler im building also a suparoo a choped up outback 2 door truck like brat bed it has a spooled front d30 and a lsd in the rear d44 i also have a open d30 for the front but thats a back up and spare parts if i dont like the spool i use the lsd in the rear so i can run steering breaks and lock the rear breaks only if needed and also lock one wheel if its spinning in the air or somethin
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Default Re: TRX-4 Swapping diff servos.

I used the remote to switch mine to rear locked, both locked, front locked by use using the menu & set buttons. Learned how from YouTube video. Was super easy. Having just the rear locked IMO it runs more like a 1:1 & blows amazing donuts. Here's the video link https://youtu.be/XSEP60qDt5s
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