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Thread: TRX4 vs ....

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Default TRX4 vs ....

Hello All,

This is my first post here. I'm about to buy and build an RC crawler. I have been doing a lot of research and watching video's and I'm considering a few rigs.

Specifically, I watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYYeajpCig4

and I watched this because it had the crawlers I am interested in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQUm...hLP73KXgLfDtXv

The winner in the showdown was the 750$ Vanquish VS4-10 Pro.

It looks like from watching the various trucks craw the TRX4 with the long arm lift kit crawled better and over everything while the others had trouble here and there.

I would love to hear some opinions. I'm looking for my new build

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Default Re: TRX4 vs ....

First, Welcome to RCC!

As for what to buy, it really comes down to how you drive, the terrain you will be driving on and if you want to compete or just crawl for fun. The VS4-10 comes with pretty much all the high end parts needed for optimal performance. Where a TRX4 or SCX10ii works well stock but will require some select upgrades to work great. I kind of view the VS4-10 more for the advanced seasoned crawler who knows what they want, where the TRX4 and SCX10ii are much more customizable and kind of build to suit your style. I would not read too much into that long arm kit because it is more of an appearance thing rather than a performance upgrade. A significant number of people installed that kit and later removed it because it actually hurt performance. There is such a thing as too much flex. The current trend is to get the chassis as low as possible in order to get the Center of Gravity down. Different configurations work better or worse in different conditions and weight tends to have a huge effect on performance more so than flex. For someone just getting into the hobby I would recommend a TRX4 or SCX10ii since both of them are highly customizable and both have a huge aftermarket parts support.

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Default Re: TRX4 vs ....

I'm far from an expert, and Inspector86 summed it up nicely.

Another consideration is the Redcat Gen 8, from what I hear.
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Default Re: TRX4 vs ....

I am also new to the hobby and I'd recommend the trx4 because of how clear and straight forward the unassembled kit instructions are. For that alone I would recommend the unassembled TRX4 kit. Plus all of my local hobby stores carry Traxxas parts (as well as Axial).
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Default Re: TRX4 vs ....

I am by no means a seasoned "professional" however, I have always enjoyed getting a new truck, running it to determine I want it to preform better in XXXX conditions and modify to suit. I have friends who modify theirs all out putting several hundreds of dollars in aftermarket parts alone, but end up putting stock stuff back on for better drivability or handling.
I recommend getting a TRX4 or SCX10ii.
If you go TRX4:
sport= locked diffs, single speed, shorter @ 12.3"long, cheapest
bronco/blazer/G500: 12.3" long, 2 speed, remote locking diffs via controller, higher price,
Defender/tactical: same as above but longer at 12.8"
G500 6x6: all as above but super long and most epensive

I started with the defender, it's top heavy, brass on the axles helps a lot and makes it a challenge when you combine locking diffs and 2 speed tans. You'll embarrass your friend's when you crawl up something unlocked when they had difficulities locked. This is the challenge I wanted.

good luck!
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Default Re: TRX4 vs ....

The VS4-10 and TRX-4 really aren't in the same category for many reasons. Price, portal axles and materials of construction are the two biggest differences.

Some versions of the TRX-4 also has the benefit of remote, locking diffs and a 2-speed transmission.
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Default Re: TRX4 vs ....

New to the forum, but not the hobby. As said above it kind of depends on what your plans are for the truck and what you want to spend, when you want to spend it. I built my TRX4 from the kit and it was a great build, great manual. I like to upgrade as I go and test/try different things. There is a huge aftermarket supply for the TRX4 AND SCX10ii which makes it nice and easy to build it exactly how you wwant it as you go. The VS4-10 is such a beautiful work of machining that Im sure I'd feel guilty watching it roll down one.of the big sheets of rock I like to play on in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. But you wouldn't have to worry about upgrading! Good luck on your choice!
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Default TRX4 vs ....

I'm new to the hobby and crawling. I picked up a TRX4 and a Gen8. They're pretty good rigs. Actually, almost identical rigs. I'm going to make my TRX4 the crawler rig, and the Gen 8 will be my "monster" truck with flex.

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