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Thread: Traxxas Summit Suspension Limiting Straps

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Default Traxxas Summit Suspension Limiting Straps

Hey everyone,

About 2 years ago, I purchased an E-Revo / Summit conversion off of ebay, and I love it. Currently Mine is undergoing the process back into more of a summit though (soon to be replacing the e revo diff setup with the summit locking diff setup, it came with the 2 speed tranny already).

But while I was bashing it today on 4s I wound up pulling a rear left suspension link out of the rod end, and then also wound up pulling the upper pivot ball out of the axle carrier. While I was researching how to prevent it, I came across many threads talking about adding limiting straps to the rockers. But every single one of those threads was for an E-Revo.

Consensus appeared to be 85mm straps for the 90-Progressive rockers, but I'm wondering what length straps would be best for the 120-Long-Travel rockers?

I also came across the RPM axle carriers, but those supposedly aren't compatible with the LT rockers, is the best replacement carrier then the stock traxxas one? (Actually, the vehicle currently has 120 LT rockers on it, and the pillow ball that wound up ripping out was inside of an RPM axle carrier. the stock one on the right side seems pretty solid here.)

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Default Re: Traxxas Summit Suspension Limiting Straps

For anyone reading this in the future: I purchased the 90mm Hot Racing straps and found that they wont work (if you want nearly-full extension)! The 85mm straps that everyone recommends for the revo should work if you put them along the length of the shock, but will not be long enough if you plan to wrap it through the rear aluminum chassis brace, which is what most people do based on the pictures I found. After a measurement, it would appear that 120mm straps would allow full extension while wrapped through the chassis brace, without over-extension. I am going to likely buy the 115mm straps, since HR doesn't make 120mm straps it would seem.
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Default Re: Traxxas Summit Suspension Limiting Straps

Final Update: I couldn't find the 115mm straps in stock when I went to order. I ordered the 110mm straps instead.
The 110mm straps are perfect fit for the LONG TRAVEL rockers on the Traxxas summit. I tested this by removing the rod from the rocker and putting on the strap. I was still able to hit full extension on my rocker. The strap is not quite tight at full extension, but it is on the edge of being tight. Considering I performed this mod prior to getting my straps:


I think that the 110mm straps are the correct for the summit.
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