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Thread: Battery locations?

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Default Battery locations?

Which is the better route to go? Low cg battery tray or 3s shorty pack mounted up front? Or is there another option I should think about?
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Old 09-24-2020, 08:48 AM   #2
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Default Re: Battery locations?

Just from my short time with the shorty 3S 1300 lipo, I'm convinced that up front is the way to go. You can remove the entire main battery tray if you like, and a small Gens Ace 3s lasts a long long time while trailing or crawling. Besides the little 3s Gens Tattu 1300 is available at 75C for about $20-25. So, buy a pair or a few and you've got weight forward, less overall weight, and lots of runtime. Grab a velcro strap and away you go.

Gens ace Tattu 1300mAh 3S 11.1V 75C LiPo Battery - XT60 at Rpp $18

Just a thought.
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Default Re: Battery locations?

I have my battery up front and my electronics in the battery tray. My batteries are about 4 oz, I like that weight up front.

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Default Re: Battery locations?

If you can, 3s or 2s short in the front would be perfect. My bronco was unstoppable with a 3s 1300mah up front. Gave decent run time too

However, I run a 2s 5000mah in the stock position because I have a lot of brass down low and a winch servo up front to move the CG forward and lower.
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Default Re: Battery locations?

ESC up front, 2x2s 2200s on the sides (I run 4s obviously).
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Default Re: Battery locations?

I run this battery tray: https://www.amazon.com/KYX-Battery-M.../dp/B07VPHB3ZF

its made by KYX, all aluminum, and it lowers the battery probably about 1"-1 1/2"

KYX gets a lot of hate, but i haven't had any problems with anything I've bought from them. The machining on this tray is perfect, and it comes with spare screws.

I bought this tray instead of a Bowhouse for example because I'm doing a custom bed for my build, and i needed the battery as low and as flat as possible.
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Default Re: Battery locations?

Originally Posted by Bobcapo View Post
Which is the better route to go? Low cg battery tray or 3s shorty pack mounted up front? Or is there another option I should think about?
You'll get many opinions on this, however without knowing how the rigs are set up by those advising, it may or may not work in your rig. Too many variable.

For instance if you got a a lot of brass up front only, and then remove the battery from the stock or low CG and put it up front, God help you when you try to control a steep down hill decent.

My best advise is to experiment. Run the EXACT same lines and compare the results. Yes, you may end up buying something you may find didn't perform as desired but that's why we have shelves to put them on till we get another rig!

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Default Re: Battery locations?

Up front will make is more capable on steep inclines and less stable (tail happy) for high speed. If you want to run flat trails with more speed, keep it centered and low.

Either way less weight is better. You can run a small mah battery shorty in either location to save weight, but I usually look for the higher mah shorty. The weight difference isn't that much for the mah rating.
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Default Re: Battery locations?

The low CG tray will prevent tipping over in off-camber conditions, however I found some 3S packs to be a tight fit with the mount, original Traxxas 3S won't even stay flat on the bottom of the mount.
Front mount would really help climbing, placing weight on the front axle and allowing tires to grab more on the way up.

I would go with:
- more weight at axle level (brass knuckles until now).
- a small 3s pack front mounted (still have to buy one).
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Default Re: Battery locations?

Mine go on the slider... both my 2200 2S and 3S packs fit fine, have to be 110mm or less.

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Default Re: Battery locations?

I didn't want to run the battery up front on mine so I used the Bowhouse LCG battery tray and I run a 3s 3000mah pack and after some messing around I was still able to get 62% front weight and it works fantastic. Put a few comp crawlers in there place last weekend.
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