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Thread: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

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Default TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

Here is a vid of some garden crawling of the TRX4 and RR10. 3 basic obstacles and 1 complex one.

I know some people may feel it's unfair that I'm crawling a 1.9 vs a 2.2 but I want to outline a few things first. It's not a comp and it's more like one mate with an Axial and another with the Traxxas doing some crawling. As you'll see, there is a definite difference to how the trucks go about their obstacles.

Traxxas is totally stock and running in low ratio with full locked diffs.

The Axial is a stock RTR Bomber with plastic links, glue on Baja TA tyres, foams that have seen far too many miles and have totally collapsed and the same Titan 550 21T as the TRX4 (though not reverse turn like the Traxxas). The Bomber has the optional Axial 2 speed (running also in low ratio) and runs 3S with a Hobbywing 1080 ESC and Savox waterproof servos.

Now, the Axial tyres are 1/2" larger OD than the Traxxas tyres which is an advantage but it's only half an inch and the Traxxas has a smaller pumpkin with greater ground clearance than the Axial. Plus, its axles are actually higher as well giving it a definite advantage at getting over objects (less high centring). Add in the tyre compound and foam advantage and the Traxxas looks in good shape. It would IMO be unfair comparing the TRX4 to a regular 1.9 SCX10.1 as the ground clearance would be markedly different and in the Traxxas' favour.

The RR10 claws back some advantage being 4cm wider and clearly has better approach/departure angles. I've taken that into account by taking the absolutely best possible lines with the TRX4 unlike the Bomber.

The 'drag race' was performed in low ratio first and then high ratio in both trucks.


The 'rock pile' took a single go with the Bomber. The TRX4 took a number of goes so I showed the last which was the best. It also managed to run one direction perfectly.

I took my time and was as careful as possible with the TRX4 as you will see. I wanted to give it the best opportunity to shine.

The TRX4 could not make the first flat rock; I've had about 10 goes at it and it rolls every time no matter how I approach it. The Bomber did this rock twice to show the difference. The high COG nails the Traxxas on this rock.

Second set of small rocks again proves to be easy for the Bomber but whilst ok, still a bit of work for the TRX4.

With the last large rock I was able to carefully work it and had a great run. Bomber nailed this rock with ease.

'Drag race'. The Bomber is a bit faster in low as it's geared a little higher and maybe 2-3 km/h faster overall. It's not much but the Traxxas understeers like a pig unfortunately so whilst it doesn't roll, it's less tail happy and doesn't drift with the heavy body on it. It's not as fun going fast but doesn't end up on its roof like the Bomber (foams are a major part of this though).

I really like the TRX4; it's a really great unit IMO and I'm excited to add a winch and maybe another body (though it looks so good, I'll struggle changing it just to make it crawl better). It really doesn't need much to be a lot of fun. The Bomber is a truck I'd suggest anyone pickup. It's so reliable and is like a mad puppy; it just wants to tear around but it's clearly a fantastic crawler. Best all round truck I own (SCX10,1, TRX4, Rock Rey, Yeti).

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Default Re: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

The rock at 5:50 threw me but that's like the TRX-4 weak spot I guess. you really need to turn into the direction the truck is leaning or pull up square and bounce the rear tires up but doesn't work on every obstacle.

The strange thing is as impossible as that flat rock was to climb I've had my TRX get up some crazy stuff. none of it makes sense

The Bomber did really well over that stuff, better than I would have thought, I like it. It has way more axle articulation it seems kind of like my Yeti but better. Plus it looks like something you'd see at a hill climb event with a big V8 in it and those are always fun.

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Default Re: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

it's a scale rig, not a hardcore crawler. you don't compare a cherokee on 33's to a purpose built truggy.
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Default Re: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

I appreciate the effort you put into the video, and it's always good to see how these truck perform but I think missed the point of it. Scale rc trucks are about scale first, performance second. In comps, you get advantage points for the hard body, jack, cans, etc; even allowing for hidden ballasts that the scale classes allow for, you've signed up for a top heavy rig with compromised performance. That being said, I've seen a demo unit in person, and it would be the next truck I buy if I were in the market for a scaler. The blacked-out windows would have to go, though.

The bomber (real or RC) is a different critter. Apples to apple cores (in a good way).
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Default Re: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

TBBH, there isn't much point to the whole exercise. I'm monkeying around with some video gear with my son and using the trucks for getting some time on the editing suite.

I would have done the SCX10.1 vs TRX4 first but I'm awaiting a SSD 2 speed which is taking ages to arrive...never will use USPS again... The SCX10 is running 80/26 gearing with 2.2s atm so it gets a tad warm crawling; it needs the 2 speed to add some resolution back as well as control the heat. I plan to do it with both 1.9s and 2.2s.

The vid is not to demonstrate the TRX4 is inferior or anything malicious but simply how a rig you bought compares to another. It's a beautiful truck and does seriously well in rocks and the rough. I'm a big fan and like it more and more with every additional mile that goes under the wheels. But everyone is talking about its crawling ability and how great it is so I wanted a reasonable yardstick to compare it against. I think the Bomber is a decent demonstration; no one seems to really rate the Bomber as a crawler but it's good IMO. That the TRX4 mostly stays with it speaks volumes. It's harder but very rewarding when you nail it.

That rock where it failed is a tricky one but without bashing it which I wanted to avoid in all the shots (I wanted true crawling) I just can't make it make it (I've tried every which way).
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Default Re: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

Haven't tried "Every Which Way" yet . Try XL sized Tires, raises the truck up just a bit, probably be able to get over it than lol. At any rate, good looking video.
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Default Re: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

I agree that the Bomber is the best Axial rig and one of the best all around rigs out there.
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Default Re: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

That slalom drift test wasnt a comparison of the same maneuver. Your turns with the the TRX4 were shallower than the bomber. The TRX4 is tippy as @$#$ at any kind of speed at all. To be expected since its not a basket any more than its a crawler. It's a jack of all trades. The TRX4 does a lot of different things out of the box but none very well except getting over and around obstacles on flat ground. People will take it in whatever direction suits them. It's definitely a different experience than my wraith or my Barrage Scx10 hybrid.
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Default Re: TRX4 vs RR10 Bomber

I basically stabbed the steering as hard for both trucks and the natural oversteer seemed to care of the rest with the Bomber where the TRX4 kind of plow understeered. I wasn't able to slalom it or get it out of shape the same because of this but it wasn't really a direct test and rather me just zooming them back (never planned to leave it in but I did). I find the Bomber a fun drifter and like this temperament myself but it would quickly damage the Traxxas body.

After some really close comparisons I think the Bomber now is only 1 km/h faster than the Traxxas.

Unlocking the TRX4 diffs makes a big difference to its ability to turn without rolling. Can't wait til Axial adopts locking axles! They are a seriously great idea.
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