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byrnieman 04-20-2019 05:26 AM

Inner fenders?
I have the tactical trx4. Obviously the body is hideous. I want to swap bodies but the inner fenders are attached to the under side of the body rather than being attached to the car itself.

Can i just buy the Bronco fenders (TRA8072) and bolt them on to my trx4?

Can you use the ones under the tactical body and attach them somehow?


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Jorian85 04-22-2019 05:36 PM

Re: Inner fenders?
I'm pretty new to this stuff but these may be what you need depending on the body you plan to run. They're narrower than the stock ones on the Blazer.

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Inspector86 04-22-2019 09:55 PM

Re: Inner fenders?
Traxxas now offers a few inner fender options. The Blazer and Bronco use the same fenders but they incorporate the shock towers. The Tactical and Defender are attached to the body but can be easily modified to attach to the chassis with zip ties and do not include shock mounts. The Sport fenders are narrower. These are Defender inner fenders that I attached with zip ties.



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