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xjman 01-08-2020 04:10 PM

"scale" parts
Anyone use, or know of a set of fender flares for the TRX4 bronco body? I know Traxxas sells some but I can't find much info about them besides that. The proline TSL's rub the body really bad and I was wondering if they bolt over the molded in flare so I can cut some of it away. I considered putting some spacers in the shocks as well to limit upward stroke, but I'm kind of happy with that at the moment.

I am also curious about some good bumpers I would prefer metal. I'm guessing there isn't much for the front that wont interfere with approach angle and include a winch mount, but if I'm wrong I'd like to know. I haven't decided if I want to use a servo winch or spend for one of the scale warn winches. For a rear bumper similar to stock, maybe with an included spare tire mount but that isn't critical. A similar receiver mount like the stock bumper would be a bonus though.

smog 01-08-2020 04:40 PM

Re: "scale" parts
I run a Wertymade bumper on my X4. Its a nice steel bumper with an excellent approach angle. Most of my crawlers now have steel bumpers that I have brazed myself. By design, they all leave an excellent approach angle.

Couldn't comment on Fender Flares. I am happy with the flares already molded into the lexan sport body

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