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Thread: Long travel for 60 bucks. Prepare to read.

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Default Long travel for 60 bucks. Prepare to read.

All I bought was the servo drop and 110mm desert lizard shocks. There are a couple main limit issues with getting more travel if you already have longer shocks. Just be aware that the front is the main issue.

1. Drive shaft angle limit(free)
2. Steering servo link limit. (Around 9 bucks)
3. Shocks (around 50 bucks for Desert Lizard 110)

The first I tackled was the front upper link. All I did was unscrew the upper link until I saw the first thread. In my profesional opinion this wont affect the strength, I machine for a living. This fixes the drivshaft angle limit.

There is a caveat to doing this. Your servo could be stressed more if not done right. You want that limit there if you have a weak servo. Traxxas L.T. kit won't help you here at all. The upper link on the LT KIT is 5mm longer but the bottom links are also longer, that will help limit your shaft limit thus help your servo. (DL shocks can limit too)

The next was the servo link limit. I first planned on heating the plastic baljoints to bend them more. Until I saw the price of a servo drop. This completely fixes the servo link limit, to an extent. *In the pictures you can see that even with the servo drop at full tilt, passenger full decompression, the servo link limits it slightly.

As far as the shocks go. The very first thing I purchased were 110mm desert lizard shocks. These shocks are NOT 110mm at full extension, they're 120. The awesome feature to these is that they come with internal springs that you can tailor to have stiffer decompression. I did put the stiffest small springs for decompression in the fronts. The compression springs have done the best with the lightest springs in all 4.* I will be swapping the rear decomp springs for the stiff ones.

Rear is easy just add longer shocks. Tune as needed.

Thats what I did to get a TON more travel with the trx4 on a budget. You don't need to buy the 180 dollar kit from traxxas, its overpriced. These reviewers can't say that cause they get money/gifts for their reviews.

If you can add a servo horn that has an inside hole. This will give you more leverage, and less stress on the servo.

I'll post pictures as soon as i can but I'm tired, I gotta go to bed. If I have any edits to this ill do my best to label them. Theyre labeled with a *

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Default Re: Long travel for 60 bucks. Prepare to read.

So are you doing this with the stock shock towers? So the maximum up-travel is lower but you gained a lot of downtravel?

I ran 120mm rear shocks and 110mm in the front With 10mm taller shock towers. My biggest issue was getting the chassis to settle at the stock ride height with that long of a shock. It was just too much length to take up before the springs ramped up.
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Default Re: Long travel for 60 bucks. Prepare to read.

It does raise the truck just like the traxxas kit will, and yes these are the stock shock towersNow the higher belly is going to do better over obstacles, so it is a trade off. Simply running longer shocks will yield you better travel.

I ran ecopower wp120 then a 110, the breakage was due to me rolling off a hill into bricks. My obstacles are leftover cinder blocks from the yard. Now I don't think any long travel mods will be for everybody. My obstacles call for a lot of downtravel.
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Default Re: Long travel for 60 bucks. Prepare to read.

This is the little obstacle I have at the moment. This little area will turn into a creek in the near future, with the sides dry enough to crawl on.
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