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Thread: Ultra 4 Mountain Racing in San Diego?

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Default Ultra 4 Mountain Racing in San Diego?

Hi guys, I'm another noob who's been bitten by the U4RC bug. I love my Twin Hammers and my 6 year old son loves his Yeti that we just built from the kit. I asked this question in the San Diego crawlers section before finding this section, and now it makes more sense why I didn't get any response there.

Anyone in San Diego interested in or already doing some team (like father/son teams) or individual Ultra 4 racing to the top of a mountain? Say, Iron Mountain near Ramona for example. It's around 4ish miles and has both fast flat sections and seriously technical rock climbs. It's a test of vehicle, driver and physical ability. It'd be fun to race to the top I think, but is anyone doing races like this already? Thanks for any answers!
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Default Re: Ultra 4 Mountain Racing in San Diego?

Sounds fun, the only downer I can think of is that, if you break half way, I would have to lug tools and parts along with water and batteries.

Some of the earliest events were based on this concept though, we would just chase the rig, as more to be our own turn marshal and also to see where we were going. Maybe you could modify it some how, maybe stand on top of a hill and race around the base with others?

Good Luck!!!
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Default Re: Ultra 4 Mountain Racing in San Diego?

I like the possibility of the break down actually. If you can get your rig fixed and running again, you could still win. It's like a 2 hour race. Or, you might just have to build with a balance of performance and reliability. And just like on any hike, I carry water and spare batteries already.

Do you live in San Diego County? I struggle to think of an adequate set of rules though for this type of race. I would think the rules would need to be VERY few to keep things fun. No vehicle classes: whatever you think can get to the top fastest, try to build and race it to win (no aircraft allowed)!
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Default Re: Ultra 4 Mountain Racing in San Diego?

I tried to find out some rules regarding SD county trails, as far as whether or not the body that governs the trails allows RC vehicles on the trails or not. That will obviously impact whether or not I try to put an informal race together.

Here are some tentative rules:

1. If your vehicle flips over, you can use your hand or foot (or anything you want) to flip it back over. You can not use your hand or foot to advance the vehicle, but you can use your hand or foot to move the vehicle backwards and try a different approach to the obstacle. You can not use your hand or foot to alter the terrain in any way.

2. There will be a time limit (determined on race day) that the race must be completed in. Any vehicles that do not complete the race under that time limit will be red flagged.

3. Any vehicle you choose to drive can be entered (enter a drift car if you want to).

4. If you enter the race as a team, the entire team (vehicles and drivers) must cross the finish line. If you enter as an individual, you and your vehicle must cross the finish line.

5. Anything not barred by these rules is allowed (winching, passing, on-course repairs, battery changes...).

6. No-one will be supervising you. I'll be racing with my son. If you choose to cheat, fine. If you can cheat and still feel like a winner, you've got problems I can't solve. Please don't come to this race if this applies to you.
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Default Re: Ultra 4 Mountain Racing in San Diego?

I actually tried an event similar to this back in 2013 but I was far to young to properly market myself and the event as well as manage it. The way we had though to do it was similar to a G6 and the Ultra class that is only found at Axial Fest. Basically youre on the honor system when it comes to flipping your car. If someone see's you do it they can protest. Repairs can be made on course. As for classes 2.2 1.9 run what you brung as long as it's scale. The RECONG6 "Fix" a 12 hour endurance event I did last weekend was a blast and was set up with the same rules as a G6 but with a Grand Prix style of racing where you checked in every lap and some times you had different challenges like run your spare tire for a lab( during the 1:1 glen Helen Baja cup challenge they make you do a tire change at your pit) another change to the normal set up was you could only. Make repairs at the pits this was decided because "The Fix" is an event were companies can get their products RECONG6 certified and they needed to keep track of what repairs were made to each vehicle. I honestly would love to see more of this type of racing. It offers more challenges to face then your normal rock race.
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